Coaching to Untangle Your Deepest Desires: How to Find Out What You Really Want


Sometimes it can be really hard to find out what you really want. Do you actually want to change career, or are you just bored right now? What business will make you serious money and yet still be a pleasure to build? What should you do for the rest of your life?


Inevitably, we all wade through times of deep confusion. Sometimes they are triggered by a bereavement, break-up or other big life event, such as the redundancies I am seeing right now. Sometimes the fog creeps up on us slowly, without us catching it, until we are right there, mired in the middle.


How to uncover your true desires 


It’s then that panic can set in. We may feel like we are running out of time, that we need to get on with it and make a decision. The problem is that we don’t know what to do. Perhaps there are two options that are both equally credible. Maybe the outcome that you really want involves a lot of work or upset, so you put it off? Or, maybe, you are letting deep seated fears about what other people think muddy the waters.


I know all about this place as I have been there myself. I remember, after my divorce, walking down my street thinking “I don’t really know who I am any more.” It was a terrifying thought, though exciting at the same time. It meant I could be anybody I wanted.


Slowly, step by step, decision by decision, I worked it out. Today, I definitely know who I am and what I want, and so can you.


 Coaching to find out what you really want


If you can relate to any of this and would like to explore your future, my Wanting coaching package consists of six sessions. These will gently guide you through a process of finding what it is you really want, and how to get it. I have worked with clients on their next career move, taking a year off and going travelling, writing a novel, and launching a business.


My Wanted Coaching Package is £900 for six sessions. Get started today by booking your first session by contacting me here


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