Be More Visible After a Day by the Sea


Visibility is an underestimated part of success. It brings credibility and opens to the door to opportunities. Nevertheless, many of us are often anxious and wary about becoming more visible.


That’s why I have created this one to one VIP Visibility Day: to help you get past what’s holding you back.


The VIP Visibility day is a whole day with me in beautiful Folkestone. By the end of the day you will have designed a plan that will help you become more visible, in a way that suits you!


Let’s begin!


Even before you set foot in Folkestone we will have an online session to set the groundwork so that we’re ready for our day together. You’ll have completed some personality tests that will help us in our journey, and we will also have the results of an (independent) online reputation audit so that we can gauge where you are right now. Even if that’s nowhere, it’s all good information!


On The Day: Visibility On Your Own Terms


We meet at Folkestone Station and from there we’ll wander along the beautiful coast where we get stuck into questions such as what is that you want to be visible for? What reputation do you want to build? Here’s when we really set the parameters for what you need and what you want. We will also investigate why you want to become more visible?  Reasons past clients have had range from needing to raise their game for a promotion or job move to wanting to step up before it gets too late to a decision to be the best role model they can for their daughters.


If you are at all nervous about becoming more visible, we can address your worries and make sure that you come out of your comfort zone in a way that works for you.


This stuff is hard work so it will be followed by a break to pay a visit one of my favourite coffee shops, where we can indulge in quality coffee and pastries.


Moving on, we will head to Folkestone Harbour, occasionally stopping, not just to take in the view, but to examine your current situation and all the options from various viewpoints and vistas. It’s an incredibly powerful metaphor that can be as breath-taking as the view.


We will also be intensely practical about it, looking at things like who can help you with your plan, or unpick some tricky situation or belief that may have been holding you back or just making things difficult.  My distinct offerings of business psychology and coaching mean that we can assess both organisational impact and what it means for you.


You’ve then some time to yourself to wander the creative quarter, bringing new perspectives, colour and inspiration to your situation.


Making it Happen


This will helps us add colour and creativity to your vision, or maybe just shake it up a little (I’m good at that!). Over lunch, we will look at how others are going to perceive the more visible you in the flesh. How do you sound? Look? We even may do a little work on body language. We’ll assess if anything needs work and may add action points such as speaker training or a shopping expedition to your plan.


After a working lunch, you’ll have a little free time to visit the beach, whilst you do a few coaching exercises to help you digest your work. We come back together for a glass of Champagne, tea or coffee at another of my favourite venues. By now, we’ve moved onto strategy and action points, so that you’ll go away with what you need and concrete, achievable steps to help you reach your desired goals.  We will assess what will work best for your own particular skill set (writing for an academic journal? Blogging? Speaking?)


At the end of our time together, I go away and create your strategic plan for raising your visibility, which you will receive within 5 days.  You will also have my support – on demand – for the next 90 days. If you need accountability, I can give it to you. If it’s just a helping hand, that’s equally available. I will also open my large contact book where relevant, connecting you with people that may be able to help.


This Visibility day is perfect for:


  • Anyone who feels a lack of visibility is holding them back
  • Senior leaders already in the spotlight who would like to manage their profile more effectively
  • Those fed up with other less talented but higher profile people getting the attention/jobs/great projects
  • Business owners who understand that their next phase involves being the face of their business
  • Anybody who is scared by the thought of stepping out from the shadows
  • People who just want a profile-raising plan they can keep to
  • Anyone that has tried this on their own, but found themselves blocked or stuck


Wonderful food.  Characterful venues. Amazing views. All my business, coaching, PR and marketing experience and knowledge of business psychology focused on you. Why would you go anywhere else?


The one day VIP Visibility Day includes lunch and refreshments and three months of follow up coaching and support. To book or chat about how this day can be structured around your needs please email me or go ahead and reserve your day here.

“I came to our day with a fuzzy idea of wanting to write a book to support what I do and get more visible. By the end of the day with Paula we had fleshed out exactly what I had to do to reach both my readers and potential publishers, and still stay true to my original idea. The pace is ideal, with plenty of time to think, lots of challenging questions and support when you need it. The backdrop really helped me get away from my day to day concerns and focus.” Visibility Day client.






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