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Reputation is a mysterious thing. I’ve spent over 20 years helping people and brands stand out, and found the results to be intrinsically transformative as well as extrinsically powerful.


Something happens when you make that decision to become more visible: people step up, and live up to their reputation.  I’ve watched shy professionals step up to public leadership, uncertain business owners become the confident face of their business, and previously overlooked executives create a reputation that shines not only on themselves, but on their organisations too.


The Red Programme works with professionals, consultants and business people who want to get clear on their brand, stand out and make a difference. The emphasis is on intelligent thinking and it has been created to help CEOs and executives understand how they can build and manage their own reputation, both as an ambassador for their company and for their own personal development.


Using my experience of many years in PR, marketing and branding, together with business psychology tools, I will take you through these three half day sessions of intense, but stimulating, one to one work.


Participants also have the added bonus of a personal photographic shoot together with a voice and charisma session to make sure they emerge the full package.


An experience to help you get you noticed


peas-580333_1280The experience is bespoke and tailored to fit needs, but there are three stages:


What reputation would you like?

Personal Branding with a marketing edge. We’ll begin with an assessment of your current online reputation and what you can do to improve and manage it. This is all about taking control of how you look to the outside world and acknowledging responsibility for your online reputation.


Then, we will look at your own brand, your strengths, skills and values, and consider what type of reputation you would like to build. Using archetypes I have created, we will define the brand message or messages you want to put out to the world


Build visibility in a way that suits you

I will walk you through the various methods of building visibility, both on and offline, and guide you through any technical or practical training you may need.  I’ll share my own press and business contacts too, if appropriate.


Who do you need to know, now?

Who do you need to know to make this happen?  We address online tools such as LinkedIn but also cover real world relationships and how to build and nurture them. We’ll be looking at potential role models and mentors, and how you can make these relationships happen.
Finally, if this suits your plans. we can our sessions with a strong consideration of how to use a strong personal brand to help others


Building Your Brand

There are 3 follow up coaching sessions to put the strategy into practice with bespoke action steps, support and accountability.


Those experiencing the Red Programme also receive two additional sessions:


A Photographic shoot



Lucy Williams Photographer

Lucy Williams. Photo by Caught the Light

Whether you need updated headshots for a LinkedIn profile or something more unusual, our photographer will create a bespoke photo shoot to capture your personal brand aimed perfectly at your target audience. London.


The session is with Lucy Williams. Lucy Williams is a portrait photographer with over a decade of experience of photographing people on location. With a unique eye for light and backdrop, and a great skill for putting people at their ease, Lucy will give you a great set of photographs to transform your online presence.



Your session includes:


  • On location portrait & business profile sessions
  • Natural ‘connected’ lifestyle portraiture
  • A 1-2-1 experience from beginning to end
  • Every portrait session is ‘experiential’ and the shoot is just as much a part of the experience as having great photos
  • A wide selection of photos to choose from in colour or B&W


Voice and Charisma Power Hour and 30 min follow up session


Susan Heaton Wright

Susan Heaton Wright

Think of this as voice and charisma makeover! It is a whole hour to focus on personal presence and voice, looking at what creates a charismatic speaker. Working with leading voice and performance expert, Susan Heaton-Wright, you will be given personalised coaching on your voice and physical presence that will make an immediate impact on your charisma and speaking.


Working in a unique theatre space, complete with mirrors, SPACE and the opportunity to use your voice, this 90 minute session in total includes:


  • Creating a voice that people WANT to listen to
  • Creating charisma with an open, welcoming posture
  • Finding the pitch of voice that is most powerful, effective and impactful
  • Projecting your voice in meetings, to make the most impact
  • Creating a powerful, professional presence so you get noticed

Susan will also have a 30 minute Skype follow up session with you to help you really embed your learning.


For individuals: The Red Programme work with me, 3 additional coaching sessions, plus a photographic shoot and a voice and charisma workshop. Price £3500.


For organisations: The Red Programme can be delivered in workshop or individual sessions and can be structured to suit your needs. It is particularly beneficial for high fliers and those who organisations have singled out to be ambassadors of their organisation.


To discuss booking a Red Programme for you or your organisation, please contact Paula here, or speak on 07534 984298.






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