Raise your profile at work



raise your profileThere are times when, even as an employee,  it’s in your interest to raise your profile at work. It could be that:


  • You are looking for a new job
  • A possible promotion has come up
  • It’s been mentioned that raising your profile might be a good thing to do
  • You’re in a new role and need to make an impression
  • You’re returning to the workplace
  • You’re fed up with being in the shadows


The Red Programme
I work with employees (and prospective employees) who want to get clear on their brand, and raise their profile. It has been created to help anyone on any level, from CEOs to apprentices, understand how they can build and manage their own reputation. We not only discuss how to raise your profile, but also look at anything that may be holding you back.



Raise your profile your way


We start with a Get Noticed strategy day. This is a half day with me, either online, in London, or Folkestone.  Pre-session you will aleady have completed some personality and strengths quizes. During our day we work through:


    • Define your goals – what do you want to achieve?
    • An assessment of your current online reputation and what you can do to improve and manage it. This is all about taking control of how you look to the outside world
    • Planning your brand – what does it need to be to allow you to reach those goals? Looking at your strengths, skills and experience and where they cross
    • Uncovering your brand archetype – get noticed in your own way. This will really make raising your profile easier and more fun for you
    • Who and who do you need to know to make this happen?  We address online tools such as LinkedIn but also cover real world relationships and how to build and nurture them. We’ll also be looking at potential role models and mentors, and how you can make these relationships happen.


I then go away and spend a half day creating your own bespoke step by step profile raising strategy. You then have 6 sessions to use over the next six months where we work on:


  • Anything that may be holding you back
  • The practical side of building your profile
  • Checking CVs, LinkedIn profiles and anything else you are putting out to the world
  • Talking over decisions, such as juggling job offers
  • Helping you set up a long-term strategy that keeps your profile growing


For individuals: The Get Noticed one day session, plus 6 coaching sessions to be used within 6 months £1995.


For organisations: The Red Programme can be delivered in workshop or individual sessions and can be structured to suit your needs. It is particularly beneficial for high fliers and those who you have singled out to become ambassadors.


To discuss booking a Red Programme for you or your organisation, please contact Paula here.






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