The One to One Sustainable Content Strategy Session


sustainable content strategyThe Sustainable Content Strategy Session is a one to one virtual three-hour session with business psychologist and founder of Scarlet Thinking, Paula Gardner.


It is for anyone that is keen to use content marketing to build their business, but currently struggling. You may find it hard with coming up with ideas, or just never get around to implementing them. Or maybe you hate the social media follow up that’s needed to get them out to the world?


The Sustainable Content Session


If you want to create content that will attract new clients and customers to you, this session is for you. Paula will take you through:


  • Creating a years’ worth of content – blogs, articles, social media posts, newsletters and press releases
  • Setting up a process so that they get done, regularly, and without fuss
  • An easy to implement system that will distribute your content

We meet over Zoom and everything is bespoke, not only to your business, but also your personality, skill-set and what you enjoy. At the end of the session you will have understood and defined your underlying message, planned your content for your year, and feel much more confident and in control of your content marketing activities.


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Why Paula?


With over 20 years in PR and marketing, Paula has coached thousands of business owners in how to raise their profile. Author of two business books, Get Noticed and Do Your Own PR,  she is now a respected business psychologist. Whether you are launching your business, or have been established for many years, the Sustainable Content Strategy Session


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