How to Build a Fairy God-Parent Firm In a Wicked Industry


sustainable business coachingSustainable Business Coaching


Our signature coaching programme has been created to address the unique difficulties and stresses of building a sustainable business within wicked industries like PR, media and tech.

Wicked Industries are hard on their participants. They are highly stressful, revolve around deadlines and often involve having to deal with ambiguity. They can leave people and even organisations feeling stressed, demotivated and ungrounded.


How to Build a Fairy God-Parent Firm in A Wicked Industry is a three, six or nine month coaching and strategic business building programme.


If you are often too busy serving the client to think of your staff and their welfare; if your organisation is failing to make staff development a priority; if you need to deal with urgent team issues: all these mean that this programme could be for you. It has been created for owners, founders and leaders within PR, Media and Tech. It specifically address the issues facing you personally as a leader within these industries.


We then go on to look at how you can create a culture that counters the pressures of Wicked Industries, and create a workplace where your people will thrive and naturally want to give of their best.


It is delivered in three distinct sections.


In the Beginning – You


Are you playing the Wicked Step-parent without even knowing it? We take a look at your own role as a motivator and role model within your organisation. This is a deep dive into understanding yourself as a leader. What is your leadership style? What you want to achieve? What you have to offer… what do you need in return? Where does your company fit with you own personal goals and wish-list for you life.


Psychometric tests will reveal your personality traits, behaviours, communication style, strengths, weakness and resilience quotient as the foundation for our work together.


Waving The Wand – your culture


This section of our work looks at understanding how you can influence or even create the culture of your company. It looks at:


  • Identifying the culture you wish to nurture and identifying the practical steps to do that
  • How to attract the right talent
  • Raising the resilience of your staff
  • Ways to increase your people’s satisfaction, creativity and engagement with their work
  • Quick wins that can help build traction
  • Encourage your workers in good time management techniques that work for them as an individual
  • Helping your staff deal with high pressure, awkward clients and moving deadlines
  • Creating a culture where people feel included, heard and valued


Exploding the Pumpkin – moving past the comfort zone


This is where we get into the mind of a business psychologist. I will show you how to do what I do, so that you have the tools to do it yourself – truly sustainable business coaching. We will look at:


  • Identifying what you want from your teams
  • Ways to get a high performing team working even better and becoming a benchmark for your business
  • Spotting the first signs of a toxic team and addressing the issues
  • How do you get an under-performing team working better?


This section involves group psychometrics which are not only fun, but also create opportunities for conversations, understanding and appreciation for others.


Note:  Each of these three sections can be taken as a stand-alone programme or pushed together to create the full programme.


This is sustainable business coaching to help you create an environment that counters the stresses of a Wicked Industry for all involves.


How The Programme is Delivered


In The Beginning and Waving The Wand: Sessions are twice a month, and are 1.5 hours long. They are usually delivered via Zoom, after an initial face to face intro session of 2.5 hours (if based in London).

Exploding the Pumpkin: three team workshops and three one to one sessions of 1 hours.


Your Investment


The full programme is £5800, payable in four installments of £1450. There is a discount of £800 for full payment in advance, bringing the programme price to £5000.

Each section can be taken individually – if you urgently need to address team issues for instance- at a price of £2000.


To discuss or book any of the above, email me or call on 07534 984298.


“Paula’s leadership coaching has been excellent. Paula has enabled me to develop my team leadership skills to face the challenges and complexities of working in the fast media environment. Paula also ran a DISC workshop for myself and my team at the UK  EPA offices where she explained the DISC classifications very clearly and got everyone interested and involved in their own and their colleagues’ DISC types with a view to enhancing communication. She facilitated a lively discussion using political figures to appeal to our team of political news photographers.  Her course has given me the skills on how to approach problems from a positive and different perspective.”    Facundo Arrizabalaga, London Bureau, Chief PhotographerEPA European Pressphoto Agency









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