Visibility Strategies for Business Owners, Authors and Experts


Visibility* Do you know that you need to become more visible but don’t know what to do about it?


* Are you determined to raise your profile to enhance your business?


* Are you fed up with more visible but less credible colleagues or competitors getting the work/job/praise/coverage?


* Have you decided that it’s time to stop hiding in the shadows?


Your Visibility Plan


Spend a day with me and create your own profile raising plan. We will look at your strengths, work and communication styles. We will also take into account the things you enjoy doing and the the time and resources  available. With this in mind, we create a strategy for visibility based around you. This is not a generic download or blueprint that works for a handful of experts with an unlimited marketing budget. This is a plan that will raise you as an expert in your field, outline the best profile raising strategies that will work for you, and fit with the time you have available.


Together, we will look at why you want to raise your profile and formulate the best plan to do so. This may include social media, speaking, blogging, PR, or marketing. However, my method is to keep things simple. We will hone in on the things that I see working best for you.


We will spend half a day together whilst I get to know your goals, resources, strengths and skills,. I then go away and translate them into your own PR and marketing visibility plan that is built around you and your business.


What You Get


I will work with you to analyse your attractiveness to the press, and suggest possible angles that will get you press coverage.


We’ll talk frankly about my own contacts that may be helpful, and angles that will get your business the most attention.


You also receive the Do Your Own PR ecourse which teaches you the nuts and bolts of PR, as well as a six month PR and marketing strategy written specifically for your business.


This isn’t an off the shelf solution. It’s an in-depth look into the way that you work and the time and resources that you have to devote to visibility, whether they are an hour of your spare time once a week, or a dedicated PR person or department.


And, to make sure you get the most from your Consultation, we also have two 30 minute follow up telephone or Skype sessions that you can schedule in over the next six months.


The price of this consultation is £995


I hold these consultations in central London. It may be possible to arrange for me to come to you, with appropriate travel expenses taken into account. For an additional price, we can also take our day together in Paris.


Contact me to discuss this now.

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