Rekindle - group visibility overwhelm programme

Rekindle – the visibility overwhelm recovery programme for business owners


  • Do you ever feel like you need to recover from feeding the social media machine?
  • Are you experiencing fears or traumas around visibility, social media backlash or even cancelling?
  • Do you feel like you need to heal from your social media or profile raising experiences and start all over again?
  • Have you been burnt by or had a bad experience with a provider that you’d like to get past

This is the essence of Rekindle, a 12 week healing programme.


Recover, Regroup, Rekindle


wellbeing and therapy for business owners from Paula GardnerThe programme consists of three main sections to take you from burnt out, cynical or exhausted, to feeling ready to go with a more manageable strategy, tactics and sense of energy.




The first part of this programme targets how you can step back in a way that doesn’t make you panic. We’ll be looking at burn-out and its various relations, and assess exactly how far along the road you may be. You’ll get bespoke one to one time with me around your own situation, to make sure you get the most from this programme. If we need to do some trauma work for a past experience, we have plenty of time to do this, to heal you ready for the next part of the programme.


Burnout or overwhelm often brings symptoms. These can include anxiety, sleep issues, restlessness, depression, cynicism and a loss of interest in your work or others. We’ll be looking at these, of course. We will also be looking at what you need from a Human Givens perspective, assessing how well you are getting these needs met, and what you can do about it.




tired of posting on social mediaRegroup will help you take a realistic assessment of your personality, skills, strengths, likes and dislikes and align them to activities that will reach your target audience. Part of this exhaustion around visibility is often that feeling that we need to do everything and be everywhere. We know that this isn’t true, but it’s still hard to know exactly what we can do to make the biggest impact. Likewise, if we are listening to the latest guru’s ideas, we often end up doing things we don’t even like. Then, guess what, we never keep them up for long.





This is where we create the framework for your visibility plan, and start to put it into action. We’ll also be looking at anything that might hold you back, whether that’s a fear or something practical. Together, we will create your vision of what your visibility actually looks like, and translate that into a tangible strategy to make it happen. The programme is as a whole will have taken you through a genuine reset and recharge.



What can I expect?


Each section of the programme will have a different flavour. I’ll be your gentle guide, coach and PR and marketing strategist.  This may involve drawing upon my therapy skills, business experience, coaching  and sometimes even contacts. For each section (approximately four weeks) we’ll have a 60 minute one to one and you’ll receive a workbook for you to work through. Each one of these is concise and designed not to overwhelm.


What does it cost?


Rekindle is £1000 for the full 12 week programme. You’ll be able to book your first one to one as soon as you come on board.  If, at any time, you need a break or want to slow it down, we can do that and elongate the programme so that fits in with your needs and timetable. This is all about helping you on your terms, remember. You can book a call with me to chat about whether this is right for you here.


Book a zoom with Scarlet thinkingDo you have to be burnt-out to benefit?


Absolutely not! I welcome anyone who is feeling jaded, confused, or who just wants to step back and re-evaluate what they are doing.


About me


I ran my own PR and marketing consultancy for fifteen years, and still keep my hand in. In 2016 I retrained as a business psychologist, coach and Human Givens psychotherapist. What’s more, I have lived experience of feeding the beast to build a business. I have led group programmes for many years, including a past Visibility retreat in verona. Talking of which, here are a couple of testimonials about working with me. If they pique your interest, then book a call with me here.


I was lucky to work with Paula as my coach, and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. Paula is a naturally inquisitive, creative and playful person and these attributes not only made our sessions interesting, but the results were more surprising and thought provoking than I could have imagined or hoped for. Paula’s flexibility as a coach also enhanced the experience, she effortlessly moves between listening and creating space for personal reflection, to a gently challenging style as appropriate – always striking the perfect balance. Highly recommended!

Georgina Stokes, Consultant at PSI Talent International

I worked with Paula on a number of occasions during pivotal points in my career, when I have required support, clarity and direction. Her clear and constructive guidance helped define the best direction and next steps in my career. Paula is straight talking, professional and experienced coach, with a genuine interest in helping people achieve their goals. In addition to this, her approachable personality and creative outlook made her a pleasure to work with. Paula offers great support to act on positive changes, in order to achieve new goals in life.

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