Psychometric Profiling


psychometric testingI’ve always been fascinated by quizzes around personality and ability. As a teenager I would make them up and try them out on my friends!


Now, many years later, I am qualified in psychometric testing that includes Saville Wave and DISC profiling.  These are wonderful tools to use with my career coaching clients but I also offer…


Psychometric Testing For Recruitment


No one can guarantee a perfect hire, but psychometric testing can significantly raise your chances of finding someone with the right skill set, behaviours and working style to suit the position.


It also minimises the risk of choosing someone unsuitable, and all the wasted money, time and energy that accompanies that.


I offer a range of psychometric options. Each one includes my feedback where I will suggest interview questions to open up your candidates in a way that highlights their strengths and suitability. The tests are online and can be done from anywhere, making it simple and time effective for everyone.


Psychometrics For Development


We can also use psychometrics to identify staff strengths, weaknesses, personality traits and communication styles. This helps to pin-point areas for development within existing staff. They can also be an invaluable part of succession planning.


The benefits of using Psychometric testing for recruitment and development include:


  • A third party, objective view on your overall process and needs from a business psychologist
  • Helping speed up decisions around recruitment
  • Supporting the interview process
  • Reducing cognitive bias and supporting fairness
  • Helps highlight qualities of the organisation and job role
  • Written feedback is in the form of accessible and concise reports
  • Sift through unsuitable candidates and concentrate on the best
  • Support staff development
  • Help create teams that will work well together


Prices on application.


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