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Work from home coaching helping to stay productive, energised and full of Pep!


PEP sessions are monthly 45 minute sessions of work from home coaching. They are designed to support those working at home around three main areas; productivity, energy, and personality needs. Starting with a psychometric personality test, they are there to discuss each individual employee’s needs and the little tweaks they can do to be more productive and satisfied at work.¬† They are ideal for building a sense of connection with employees in the current climate. PEP sessions:


  • Make employees feel supported and valued
  • Offer practical and personality based practical ways to improve productivity and get more done
  • Keep an eye on mental health
  • Encourage participants to keep to health goals
  • Help avoid burn-out
  • Improve motivation and illustrate company values



What we are dealing with


Loneliness, parental responsibilities, illness, isolation, and bereavement are just some of the things we are dealing with right now. Additionally, workers are also reporting increased back and neck pain. Many people’s homes are just not set up for home working. Many are yearning for an environment that’s more collaborative than the traditional leader and follower scenario

PEP sessions acknowledge the company cares enough to create a space for a confidential relationship to discuss anything that may be impacting upon work. This could include relationships, energy levels, home schooling, bereavement etc. Delivered by business psychologist Paula Gardner and her team, PEP sessions also provide a safe space for employees to tweak their way of working, mindset, and work set-up, and stay supported at the same time.


This way of working is going to be with us for a long-time. However, we haven’t mastered it yet. The way forward is multi-dimensional, and Scarlet Thinking sees regular PEP sessions as one of these dimensions. One to one 45 minute session held bi-weekly or monthly. Delivered by a business psychologist, qualified coach and psychotherapist in training.


Acknowledge psychological needs


Did you know that extroverts often need to talk something through to help them make a decision? Or, that some people naturally prefer emails that are short, meet and succinct. Meanwhile, others need detail and clarification or they will feel stuck and unnerved. Psychological needs which were easily met in an office are not being met working from home. This means both the work and the people involved can suffer.


Make good use of your budget


PEP sessions are a value for money proposition to increase engagement, motivation as well as wellbeing within your team.


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