Outplacement Solutions – Not Just a Fresh CV


Outplacement solutions

It’s never a good time to let staff go, but sometimes there is no choice. Outplacement that helps people out with interview practice and a CV service is at least something. However, for those organisations who would like to fully support their people at this difficult time, our redundancy help goes much further.


As a career coach and psychologist,  I offer compassionate and yet extremely practical coaching and training to support people through this transition. This includes support in areas such as redundancy grief, mindset, and staying motivated. Clients are also supported in handling the fallout around health, financial worries and relationships.


We have three levels of outplacement solutions: a personal coaching coaching for each individual, a strategy session, or membership of our soon to be completed Redundancy Recovery Hub. The hub offer original and curated content, group coaching and workshops at affordable rates.


Our Outplacement Solutions:


Gold Level

6 sessions of career coaching to be taken over a six month period.  Topics worked on are chosen according to individual need but can include:


  • Career coaching
  • Psychometric testing
  • Advice on Job Shadowing
  • CV writing and review
  • Interview practice
  • Advice and guidance around setting up a business
  • Retirement Coaching
  • Onboarding coaching for the first three months of a new position
  • Coaching around resilience and mental health


Silver Level

Each participants receives a two and a half hour strategy session, including a SWOT analysis and psychometric testing. At the end of the session, participants emerge with a plan of action with practical steps and a timeline for implementation.


Bronze level

Organisations can purchase a six or 12 month access to our Redundancy Recovery Hub (coming soon). This provides both original and curated content around job hunting, changing careers, starting a business, and health and lifestyle issues at this difficult time. Webinars and Coaching clinics provide online support and community providing motivation and a sense of connection and support.




We also offer workshops around:

  • Career Change
  • Resilience and the Job Hunting Process
  • Mindset
  • Getting better sleep during this time


Please get in touch if you would like to book a no obligation chat.


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