Hot House Business Mastermind Groups: Online and Face to Face


Supercharge Business Goals and Raise Visibility with a Business Mastermind Group


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The House House business mastermind groups are a forum for business owners and managers to test out new ideas, ask for feedback and advice, share knowledge, support and contacts. Most of all, they provide accountability to help reach goals and bring in new business.


I have used the psychology-based format of Action Learning Sets as the inspiration for these groups, a format that has been show to help you:


  • Grow your own personal efficacy and get things done
  • Learn from your actions and discuss the implications for your business
  • Step into increased personal leadership and confidence
  • Gain insight into how others may perceive you and your business
  • Receive support and encouragement
  • Look at things from a strategic as well as tactical level
  • Learn from others


Our groups are friendly, collaborative and effective. We have had people get national press coverage, launch a YouTube channel, write a book, raise their profile, and, of course, grow their business.


The Hot House brings together the latest in business psychology and coaching, together with my own experience as a coach, mentor, author, business owner (for over 20 years), and PR and marketeer. Social and supportive: it’s like have your own advisory board.


The Sessions


There’s a time to plan and a time to take action, and the Hot House is definitely about action. Here, we work together to support each other, share knowledge and contacts and make things happen.


mastermindsEach session I share cutting edge psychology tools that will help you focus more deeply and move forward, via a tutorial that is focused on personal or business growth. Everyone gets their time in the spotlight, to bring a business issue, ask for feedback or contact. You commit to actions that you decide upon, and next time report back to the group on your results.



Online: I run monthly online groups via Zoom. These are kept small and intimate to help us focus and keep attention at its peak, with a maximum of four attendees. We also have an email mini coaching session up in between sessions.

Offline: I host a quarterly face to face group that meets over coffee and then lunch, in London. We have a group Zoom call half way between session.

Inhouse: I also run these groups for companies wishing to facilitate project work or a creative forum.


The Hot House Business Mastermind Group

What You Get In The Hot House!


    • One meeting per month/quarter
    • Between sessions email coaching with me to keep up momentum
    • A 50 minute coaching call with me on joining
    • Free entry to additional Hot House events such as bonus workshops
    • The opportunity to speak at and attend our Hot House evenings: events where Hot Housers speak live, share their networks and grow their business
    • Membership of our online Facebook support group
    • Media requests and contacts that may help you get press coverage
    • Coffee and lunch if a member of the quarterly group




My PR and marketing knowledge and expertise is always at your disposal. Additionally, my bulging black book of contacts is open and ready to help you.


What Happens Next?


Contact me to arrange a call to discuss if this is the right fit for you.


“Deciding to go onto Paula’s mastermind meet ups is one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. She’s super realistic, supportive and has some priceless business related  information. In less than 3 months of working with her, my story was in the Daily Express on a two page spread – this was through Paula’s contact and coaching. She’s also provided me with some inspiring ideas to implement in my business! If you really want to take your business to the next level, talk to Paula! She’s definitely someone you need to liaise with regularly.”

Hanieh Vidmar, TV presenter and speaker,


“I have found Hothouse really helpful and I feel that it has helped me achieve what I wanted to so far. ”

Heather Waring, Women Walking, Women Talking

“I want to start this with, Paula and I are friends. The reason I want you to know that is, that is generally a reason I wouldn’t feel comfortable having coaching from a friend. But Paula is not the usual coach. She lets you find your own feet, while guiding you, oh so subtly (so not of that I have a 100 more things on my to do list after a coaching session). I came out of my first mastermind session with Paula not only having a greater respect as a coach, but also tools, ideas, thoughts and some soft challenges. She is not like other coaches and as a coach myself, she is a lovely inspiration. I can’t express how much I would recommend her. The space she has created to allow ideas to percolate, be shared and actioned is lovely. She is happy to be vulnerable with you and at no point did I feel like I was a failure because I wasn’t there yet. Here many years in PR and running her own business are invaluable and just add another layer of what she adds to the groups.


So if you are thinking about wanting to grow your business and actually do it and want someone who is going to let you spread your wings, then Paula is my top recommendation.”
You may already have an idea of which group is appealing to you right now, but if you don’t, this call will help us work out where you need to be. We’ll also talk through what you need from our time together so that I can create an experience that really serves you.



I also facilitate in-house mastermind groups for projects, launches etc.


Email me now and we can set up a call to chat it through.





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