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Industries like PR. Media and Tech face a lot of issues.¬† Clients often don’t understand exactly what you do for them, creating another level of communication issues. These professions work at an incredibly fast pace, with constant change, innovation and stress. Meanwhile, it’s so easy to focus on getting the work done, that workplaces become highly stressed or even toxic. You never get around to addressing the right culture, new people are chosen quickly because the position needs to get filled to get the job done, and staff development keeps falling down the to-do list.


And where do you start with inclusion and diversity?


Scarlet Thinking offer a number of consultancy services for the PR, Media and Tech industries. These include:




Use tests around personality, communication, team behaviours, risk and resilience to create staff development plans, build exemplary teams, address toxic situations and recruit the right people for both the job and your workplace culture. Find out more here


How to Attract Female Applicants


Ideal for male-dominated workplaces, the Athena Recruitment Review helps address the common issue of not receiving enough applications from women. This strategic review will  help you put in place exactly what you need to attract high quality female talent, and create the type of workplace that will keep them there.


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