Training and Coaching For Young People


coaching young peopleI have been training and coaching for young people for over five years now, and I have to say that they often are my favourite clients. It is a privilege to be able to help them on their way in life. I love sharing the tools that will help them make the most out of their career.


I hate it when older people dismiss youth with comments like “they are all snowflakes now.” The truth is that being a young person right now is hard. They have the pressures of social media, a far from ideal education system, and unstable political and economic climate. Added to this is the relentless march of tech. It’s no surprise that I am seeing a lot of young people who are feeling confused, lost or just unable to focus.


Parents often ask me to coach their children around topics such as exam nerves, timetabling for revision, obsession with their phone, time management and career choices. I use the Human Givens approach in my coaching, which means identifying and using your innate resources and strengths. It is ideal for common issues like anxiety, depression and even social anxiety (shyness), which are all too common nowadays. My business psychology background is perfect for helping young people understand their personality strengths and how they can use them to get on in the world.


Training young people in the workplace



I provide coaching and training for young people entering the workplace. My emphasis is on sharing work-skills to help them in their career, and mental health training to help them stay in tip top condition for the work-place. I  have created a series of workshops that cover issues such as:



  • productivity
  • anxiety in the workplace
  • Learning to work as part of a team
  • using Linkedin
  • depression
  • confidence and speaking up
  • Online safety
  • CV and interview techniques
  • Becomng more visible


You can find out more about these workplace trainings here. These are ideal for universities, apprenticeship programmes, schools and graduate schemes. They are delivered online, with your own branding. You’ll also get a recording to allow you to build up a library of workplace resources.



Recent organisations I have worked with include the University of Lincoln, Marvel Recruitment and Digital Marketing Mentor. As a coach and assessor for the PRCA, I am familiar with the apprenticeship system which means I can tailor trainings to cover criteria if needed. Find out more here.



I can also supply trainings to support those supporting and working with young people.

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