Why Women Should Get Into Finance

women should get into finance

Why Women Should Get Into Finance

Tax Expert Faye Watts Is Keen Women Should Get Into Finance


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Faye Watts is passionate that women should get into finance, and if you’ve been thinking of a career change, now could be the time for you,  and here’s why…

Faye has noticed that girls and women still get anxious about maths and figures. This is a huge shame as it means that they don’t consider what can be very lucrative, and fascinating careers within the many financial industries. While this needs to be tackled early in education, women can still also be encouraged into these industries,  After all, many financial jobs call for people and management skills too, something where women often excel.  The era of the grey suited accountant and his briefcase has gone. Nowadays, money really is sexy!

Women should get into finance

There are careers out there at every level. They could be specialist roles like banking, wealth management, accountancy, foreign exchange, financial advisory, asset management, credit control, insolvency, and financial analysis. Or even in-house finance teams in fashion houses and other creative sectors. Not only are these jobs a great fit for women, but women bring a good deal to these careers. Faye has interviewed many women in the financial industries. She spent hours asking them about their roles and they all agree that a career finance should definitely be one to consider.

Women have Innate Skills

While you are working with figures, you are often also working with people and this is where women are strong. They can be charismatic and empathetic which helps build a feeling of trust. This makes client work and sales a more natural process.

Meanwhile, the number of women starting their own business and investing is growing. Likewise, so will the need for females in the financial world who can work and support these women.

Money Means Power

Understanding money is a very empowering, both personally and politically. All over the world, women are repressed. It may be more obvious in some societies, but this can only be countered by women taking more power. That means having control over money. You could even say that money has more sway than politics.

A good grasp of figures is good for anyone. It gives you a strong position in your own life and a sense of social intelligence about money and how it can be used, both for yourself and other people.

Financial Careers

Salaries are becoming more equal in the financial professions and there are good career prospects. For the absolutely dedicated, there is the opportunity to be earning big figures, even over £100k in your twenties. Career wise, little can compare with that.

Although some financial professions may be tainted with a bit of sexism (banking for instance), many, such as accountancy, are not. In all my years I’ve never seen or heard sexism within an accountancy setting. Professions such as accountancy and financial planning are also excellent choices for those who will want to return to work after starting a family. If you know your money, you’ll be able to pick up your career again, and it’s likely you’ll find some kind of flexible working to suit you, if that’s what you want.

It’s Not Boring

As mentioned, the man in the grey suit with the briefcase is long gone. A career in finance now often means meeting clients. You learn about their businesses, and their lives. What do they want to do with their money and how will it affect their future and family? You can really make a difference. Whether that’s helping to turn a flailing business around, or help parents plan a savings strategy for their children’s education. Doing your best for clients feels good, and that’s a feeling that you don’t always get in every job.

If you’re worried about sitting in an office all day, it doesn’t have to be like that. You are often out and about meeting clients.  It can also be a shortcut into more glamorous industries like fashion, film and sport, which all need people to handle the finances.

Find out more about Faye at  www.fuseaccountants.co.uk or watch her talk about how to know if a business will be profitable here

Interested in discussing how you might get into a career in finance? Book a coaching session here.





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