Retraining as an Image Consultant

retraining as an image consultant

Retraining as an Image Consultant

Retraining as an Image Consultant with Gail Morgan


Have you been thinking about retraining as an image consultant or stylist? This interview with image consultant Gail Morgan looks at how easy it is to retrain as a style coach, personal stylist,  or image consultant. If you are looking to retrain as a way to move forward, Gail’s school offers a thorough and yet reasonably priced way to do so. Gail’s students include coaches, nurses, and anyone who enjoys helping others. Additionally, her training is easy for you adapt for your own particular niche. This could be teenagers, women returners, men, or whatever area is calling to you.

The training itself involves a mixture of learning about which colours suit different people, body shape, and make-up. It also looks at how you can boost your confidence through what you wear. 

All training is online. It can also be accessed from anywhere, even in the depths of a pandemic. You will also be taught to see people both face to face, and online. You too can have clients from anywhere in the world. Some packages also include business and marketing training. This is ideal if you are setting yourself up in business. 



Gail Morgan 


Gail Morgan retraining as an image consultantGail Morgan is an Image Coach with over 28 years’ experience. Her mission is to simplify the art of getting dressed. This means you can you enjoy wearing clothes that flatter your body, support your lifestyle, and boost your confidence. Gail runs Study in Style training academy. Here, she teaches and supports independent Personal Stylists and Image Consultants around the World, through her certified online and hybrid training programmes.

She also works privately with busy professionals and speakers who need to improve their visibility. Gail loves seeing her clients blossom and their confidence soar, once they understand how to use their visual impact. 



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