Job hunting and your strengths

job-hunting strengths

Job hunting and your strengths

Coach James Eves on the importance of job hunting and your strengths


When it comes to job-hunting, knowing your strengths is the first step in being able to sell yourself through your CV, and then in interviews.  In this interview, Gallup certified strengths coach James Eves and I discuss how to identify and sell your strengths.

If you’ve been brought up not to brag about your strengths, it can be challenging to step into the mindset where you are openly discussing your skills. Instead, we often find it easier to focus on our weaknesses and how we can improve them.

However, in this very competitive job market, we need to be able to sell ourselves. James and I discuss how to deal with hang-ups about sharing our strengths plus practical advice on doing so in the most graceful way possible. 

James Eves

James eaves on knowing your strengthsJames is a gallup certified strength coach and the co-founder of Work Pirates – with an overall mission to help people and companies to create happier lives and more engaged workplaces.


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