How to Become A Virtual Assistant

how to become a virtual assistant

How to Become A Virtual Assistant

VA Agency Owner Susan Moore on How to Become a Virtual assistant


Susan Moore of Moore Business runs a firm of virtual assistants, or VAs. This makes her the perfect person to explain how to become a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual assistants are now common throughout the business world. It’s a business with low-start up costs and plenty of potential as well as freedom. You can work when you want, and specify the type of work you want to do. It’s very flexible. you can specialise within a certian area, such as finance or publishing, or work with lots of different clients from various industries. Susan outlines the two possible and popular routes. the first is as a self-employed VA who works for herself, bringing in and working with your own clients. Or, alternatively, you can choose to work for others such as in an agency like her own. With this choice, you’ll have work given to you, so won’t have to do the business development, but your rate per hour will be lower. 

In our interview we touch on how to get those vital first clients, the best way to set up the business, and what being a virtual assistant involves. 


Susan Moore


Susan Moore on how to become a virtual assistantPrior to setting up Moore VA in 2006, Susan had 20 years’ experience as an executive assistant in investment and aviation. Today, Susan is the founder of Moore Business (originally Moore VA), a UK based, multi VA company that provides virtual business support.   Specialties include supporting non-executive directors and boards (commercial and charity) in FTSE 250 and AIM listed companies, investor relations support, online research and event management as well as email marketing and social media campaigns. 

 Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Susan and her team have been helping clients transition to online business models.

 Susan was the winner of the 2008 Outstanding National VA awards and has been featured in The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Express, Fresh Business Thinking and PA Life. She also mentors people in how to set up their own virtual assistance business.

If you’d like coaching around setting up your own business, contact me here.

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