Moving Abroad For Work

Moving abroad for work

Moving Abroad For Work

Moving Abroad for Work, From Someone Who has Done It


Are you comtemplating moving abroad for work? You may be looking to expand your potential jo-hunting zone. Or perhaps you  just want to get out of the country, or even embrace the nomadic lifestyle. Here, we talk to chartered occupational psychologist Wendy Kendall of Globally Talented.

Ourr interview, originally recoprded around the subject of redundancy, is invaluable for anyone considering moving abroad for work. Wendy has worked with many corporates, facilitating the smooth transition of their employees (and families) abroad. During our conversation, she reveals that there is a wrong way and a right way to go about it. And shares with us her recipes for success. 

Despite the excitement, moving overseas completely fractures your whole life. In this interview, she focuses on three main areas. These are building your resilience, building your work, and, finally, building your reputation. All of the above will bring opportunities to you.  We discuss things like the importance of knowing and understanding your strengths (see our interview with James Eves for more on this), and working out how they can be used in your new location. She introduces us to her concept of turning the volume up and down. This adds flexibility to your leadership style.  We also look at the need to grow your loose connections, and how LinkedIn can help you do this. 

I have worked with Wendy on many occassions, and she really knows her stuff!

The tools mentioned in this interview are



Wendy Kendall

Wendy KendallWendy Kendall has spent more than 20 years helping multi-national organisations – often under testing conditions – solve their people development issues, bring international teams together, and create global leaders of the future. Since founding Globally Talented  in 2003, she has helped more than 3000 people from many different nationalities develop their global careers. Her expertise in global leadership development includes work with graduates, specialists, executives, heads of country, and board members in global businesses from small-and-mighty start ups to multi-nationals.

Wendy has herself experience moving from the Uk to France, and she is now a French citizen!


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