Workshops For Apprentices

workshops for apprentices

Workshops For Apprentices

Mental Health and Work-skills Workshops For Apprentices


Would you like to bring in some workshops for apprentices? Paula Gardner, founder of Scarlet Thinking, is a busines psychologist and coach. She is also an apprentice coach and assessor. Here, she talks about why apprenticeship organisations should be thinking about putting on workshops and seminars for apprentices.

Reasons include that they are Ofsted friendly, and that they can help  and teach skills that are important for EPA. They can also address how to evidence them too. Apprentice workshops can also help with mental health. They can look at issues like social anxiety or depression for instance, as well as work-skills. This means that apprentices can feel supported and are more likely to finish their apprenticeship and get through to EPA. Finally, in today’s increasingly isolated world, it also helps apprentices feel part of a community.

Paula talks through some of the workshops for apprentices provided by Scarlet Thinking. These include anxiety and depression workshops, and seminars on how your family history impacts your career. She also talks through workshops on how to be more visible, or a grow your network. All seminars have been created with the issues that apprentices face today and are tailored for them.

Finally, Paula invites you to book a chat or contact her, to discuss her workshops for apprentices. Scarlet Thinking can provide one-hour online workshops from a curated menu, or create something bespoke for you. They can be just one-off events, or a full 12 month programme.

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