Promoting Equality and Diversity For Real

promoting equality and diversity

Promoting Equality and Diversity For Real

Promoting Equality and Diversity Through Childhood Memories


It is one thing hiring a diverse workforce, another to empower people to bond together – diverse or not.  Of course, the job in hand, the work goal, should be enough to do that. However, what if it’s not? What if you are dealing with, or part of, a team that needs a little extra bonding? But, at the same time you want them to recognise and appreciate the differences between each other? How do you really go about promoting equality and diversity within a team?

Childhood is where you will find the answer. Most of us are incredibly nostalgic about our childhoods. Even if they weren’t that great, there are usually things we can look back on with some affection and fondness. Childhood is a time where we all shared the same goal – to learn about the world. Yet, each of us achieved in a unique way.

One of my most empowering and fun workshops is about this. I take people back to their early childhood. We share stories about how their family or carers approached work and money. I’ve heard how granny used to hide her wages under the mattress. How grandfather would bring home his pay to granny, who would peel off some notes for him to spend down the pub. I have also listened to stories of parents with family businesses going bankrupt. Participants have shared the importance of certain subjects or even certain schools in some family histories. Colleagues have shared their stories, many of them funny, some of them sad. All of them have been incredibly useful in both helping colleagues understand and appreciate their team-members. They are also an opportunity to reflect on their own approach to work.

The Cultural Dimension

This workshop is also a wonderful opportunity to learn about other cultures and families’ ways of doing things. It gives participants valuable insights into their collesgue’s approach to getting things done, making decisions, communications and so much more.

Think about your own upbringing: how did seeing your parents work (or not work) impact you? In my own case, my father spent a lot of my childhood locked away studying for his accountancy exams in the evening. I always knew that it was an important thing, even though I didn’t understand it. It has influenced my respect for study and learning, one of my key values.  For a colleague, her father’s risk taking in both business and personal life has made her incredibly risk-averse. This is something she knows holds her back when it comes to making decisions.

This workshop can be an incredibly powerful factor in creating teams that gel, explaining behaviour, promoting conversation and celebrating differences. It is a powerful step in promoting equality and diversity for real.

How Your Family History Impacts your Work and Career is available both as a short online workshop, as well as a half day online or face to face session. You can contact us here for a chat if you’d like to discuss our workshops. 

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