Why Apprentices Are Impressive

apprentices are impressive

Why Apprentices Are Impressive

National Apprenticeship Week: Why Apprentices Are Impressive


With this week being national apprenticeship week, I thought I might share a little of my own journey working with apprentices. At the same time, I’ll explain why I think apprentices are impressive. My work with apprentices began over three years ago. I heard that the PRCA were looking for mentors for the PR diploma and Standard qualifications with AIM. I had been in PR since the age of 22 (a while ago now!), before retraining as a business psychologist and coach. I decided to give it a whirl. That decision was the start of a journey that has led to over half of my work now being with young people. It has included:

  • Mentoring and coaching for the PRCA
  • Delivering traineeships to young gang members who want to start a new life
  • Workskills training for Kickstarters on the government scheme
  • Coaching, training and mentoring in work and mental health skills
  • Supporting students, from school to University age
  • Career coaching with young people.

I have been taken and inspired with them all, but it is the apprentices that hold a special place.

Apprentices Are Impressive


People often think apprenticeships are an easy ride, and this includes some apprentices, before they start! However, the reality is that you are juggling a new job with studying and proving that you know the theory behind your new career. This is at a time when you are getting to know new colleagues and ways of working. Over and over again, I am impressed by the hard work and balancing skills that the apprentices need to implement. Sometimes, especially when this is the first apprenticeship at that workplace, their colleagues are unaware of all the effort that goes into getting their qualification. My own daughter chose an apprenticeship over the University route. She didn’t stay with that career choice in the end. However, it gave her many transferable skills that she is still using now.


I am always learning from the apprentices that I coach and train.  One apprentice keeps me informed about crypto currency, his hobby. Another’s admin skills imspire me in my organisation. Yet another impresses me in the thought he gives to the world at large, and how his industry needs to be responsible and sustainable within that world.


For anyone considering an apprenticeship, or indeed taking on an apprentice, I can truly say that it can be the most rewarding experience for everyone involved.


If you’re looking for work skills and mental health training to support your apprentices, please do contact me here. I also offer career coaching for young people (and their parents, if they wish) to investigate if an apprenticeship could be right for them. Book your session here.
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