An Insight into a PR Apprenticeship

PR apprenticeships

An Insight into a PR Apprenticeship

Should you do a PR apprenticeship

I have been a coach and mentor for the PRCA for over three years now. The PRCA (Public Relations Communities Association) run a great apprenticeship for anyone thinking of a career in PR. I became involved because I was in the PR industry for over 15 years and wanted to help the younger generation coming through. Over the years I had my own PR company, freelanced, and coached business owners in how to do their own PR and marketing. I also wrote two books during that time, Get Noticed and Do Your Own PR.

Working with a PR Apprentice

As a PR apprentice coach, I work with young people, coaching them around their PR apprenticeship. This can mean anything from talking about how they are balancing their work and studies, to sharing my own knowledge of PR. I also look at their project work, the academic side of their apprenticeship. Part of my job is getting them ready for their EPA, the end point assessment. This is where they will have an exam, submit a project and then give a presentation. Once they have done this to a set standard, they are able to pass their apprenticeship.

I really enjoy working with my apprentices and I get a huge amount out of it. It’s also one of the reasons I became more and more interested in supporting apprentices of all kinds.

If you know a young person who might be considering an apprenticeship, then please do show them this video of myself talking to the Head of Apprenticeships at the PRCA. Here, I interview Stephanie Umbeyani around the realities of being a PR apprentice. We go through what to expect and how you can get onto the programme. For more details you can take a look at the PRCA here. If you would like to book a career coaching session to talk about apprenticeships, please do so here.


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