Books for Apprentices: Purple Cow

purple cow - books for apprentices

Books for Apprentices: Purple Cow

Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable by Seth Godin

The audience

This is a business book, and will be incredibly useful for those within any type of media or communications. However, Purple Cow is also anyone who is wondering how they can stand out. Whether an apprentice in your first job, or a graduate on a fast-track, it can be difficult to be seen in the workplace.  You may feel dismissed because of your age or lack of experience, and you may have to make a deliberate effort to be heard. Your confidence levels may not as you would wish, too, which makes it even more difficult.

The Book

Back to the book. It is becoming harder and harder to reach customers through advertising. Meanwhile, traditional marketing techniques are starting to loose their freshness. What can you do to get you or your product noticed?  I once wrote a whole book on this myself, Get Noticed. However, I am always happy to acknowledge the work of others too: this is one that may well be worth a look.

The author Seth Godwin always has a very unqiue approach to things and this book is no different. The other big titles by him you may know are The LynchPin and This is Marketing. In Purple Cow, he looks at what we might have to do to make ourselves more memorable and attractive to customers. He encourages you to really delve deep and find something that sets you apart. Obviously, not everything can be applied on a personal level. However, you may find it easier to start thinking creatively about marketing yourself. This is something you need to do even when you are in a job!

A great (and quick) little read and very helpful when embarking upon a PR campaign, or looking to become more visible.

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You can read more about Seth Godin at his blog here.

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