A Year Of Self-Care: Bathtime Candle

a year of self-care candles

A Year Of Self-Care: Bathtime Candle

Self-Care: Candles at Bathtime


I rarely set myself resolutions any more. However, what I do like to do is set intentions and this year, 2020, my intention is to practice a year of self-care. I like to think that I’m pretty good in this department. However, it’s something that can easily slide. Or, just become common-place. What I would like to do, is to do these self-care practices with intention. As such, this is the first in what will be a regular (I can’t promise daily!) series: a year of self-care.

I have a bath almost every day. Generally, this is the first thing in the morning. It’s a time when I gather my thoughts together, and plan my day. Sometimes, I read. Often, I listen to Audiobooks or a meditation. Occasionally, I’ll take a relaxing evening bath when I light candles and wallow in the steam. I was feeling low yesterday, a moment of mourning for my Dad who died this year and wouldn’t be seeing in the New Year. I decided to spend a couple of hours in the bath with a book I am loving, Dominion, by C.J. Samsom. I told my partner this and he suggested I light some candles too. “Oh no, I’ll be reading,” I hastily replied. “So? wouldn’t it be nice anyway?”

Then it dawned on me: how regimented we can be. Just because I would need light to read, it didn’t mean that I couldn’t enjoy the delicious smell of a lovely candle. And so, my first ritual of this year has been born: lighting a candle during day-time bath.  Even the mere act of lighting a candle seems to act an extra level of sacredness to a bathing routine; a true and simple act of self-care.  Scented candle, of course, can bring many psychological benefits, depending on whether they are infused with relaxing or energising perfume. Heading straight to our limbic system, they can manipulate our mood merely with a smell. This is a great list of different essential oils and their therapeutic effects. Play around with the scents and see which ones work best for you.

Finally, the mere act itself of lighting a candle, whether that’s fumbling with a packet of matches or deftly using your lighter, can signify a moment to take a pause and breathe.

My intention is to treat myself to a new candle every month. In the meantime, I am enjoying this colourful soya candle selection, from Amazon.


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