Your Second Lockdown Content Strategy

lockdown content strategy

Your Second Lockdown Content Strategy

Growing Your Business Through a Lockdown Content Strategy


Most of us have experienced one lockdown. This time, we should be prepared. We know the score working from home. We should have found our best working spot, and know the hours that are the most productive for us. Hopefully, we have also discovered a little more about what works for us: whether it’s knowing who keeps up feeling motivated and on top of things, or remembering that a lunch-time walk ticks the fitness and mental health boxes.

We should be ready to jump back in and get on with things, and one of those things should be content. As I write this, a second lockdown in the UK seems pretty inevitable. To be honest, I don’t think I ever fully came out of the first lockdown. I haven’t ventured back into London yet and still kept up the Zoom and phone meetings.  How you feel about this step back will be different for everyone. You may be looking forward to  a bit of cocooning once again, or you may be feeling a sinking sense of desolation. Or maybe even a bit of helplessness.

However you feel, creating content is one thing you can do to help you feel back in control, as well as do wonders for your business. Here’s why:

Almost everyone is online

Yep, we will be back to those Zoom meetings and slack conversations, chained to our PCs and ready to get immersed in high quality content that catch our eye. And when I say “we” that means your possible clients, customers and community. They will probably be spending more time than ever in front of their screens so this is a perfect time to catch their attention

You’ve got time

Without that commute you should hopefully have a bit of time to play around with interesting new ideas, or even new ways of delivering content. My last lockdown project was the Redundancy Recovery Hub where I interview experts who can help those who have been made redundant. While I was used to using Zoom, this got me super engaged with the platform, as well as learning how to edit video and audio: skills we now offer to clients.

You too could try out new types of content, or even new platforms, such as Medium.

There are new problems

Lockdown and the virus bring with them new problems that you just might be able to help with. Redundancy was one where I could bring in my coaching acumen. Your content could equally be helping people with feelings of isolation, money fears or helping them home school. Health and well being is a massive area right now. There will be new opportunities if you know how to use them.

Rediscovering old methods

I know we are meant to be all about moving forwards, but many of our clients are finding great success with the good old medium of newsletters at this time. Newsletters bring with them that sense of connection, much more so than social media I feel. Equally, we have clients who are using this time to put their thoughts into a book. They can then use this as a publicity tool by giving it away for free perhaps. Some even self-publish on Kindle to create another stream of income, while others are going down the traditional publishing route.

My point is that while our businesses may be affected during this time, our creativity needn’t be. Long term that creativity will boost our businesses and give them a fresh look, and help grow our profiles as thought leaders.  It also increases our digital footprint too. Claim that space! Make sure you have a lockdown content strategy.

If you’d like to discuss having us create and distribute your content for you, please book a zoom or telephone call with me here.

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