Launching The Redundancy Recovery Hub

Launching The Redundancy Recovery Hub

Redundancy Support for Companies Making Staff Redundant


The Redundancy Recovery HubToday, my news is all about my new website, The Redundancy Recovery Hub. The Hub has been created to provide redundancy support for companies making their employees redundant. 

The economic fallout of Covid-19 means that many businesses are unable to support their employees in the way they would wish, and the Redundancy Recovery Hub offers a value for money online outplacement experience that companies of any size and industry can include in their redundancy package. Individuals can also join on a self-funded basis.

My experiences of redundancy

I remember when I was made redundant in my early thirties. I had just split from my husband and had two young children to support. I’d found what was the job of my dreams, working for a online wine company. However, it was the middle of the dotcom boom and we all know how that story ended. As the content manager I wasn’t bringing money into the business. So, it was no surprise when I was one of the first to be let go. I actually cried in my manager’s office. I felt humiliated at the time. For many years I cringed whenever I thought of that moment. Now, of course, I can look back and think about the shock I had had, and the heaviness of the responsibilities I had at the time. All I feel is compassion for that young woman in her difficult position.

I have had another brush with redundancy, although this time it was second hand. It was when my father was made redundant in his early fifties. I watched him struggle with a few interim jobs that tided him over for a while. However,  he never found a proper job again, most probably because of his age. He ended up taking early retirement.

This is one of the reasons that my heart has gone out to all those who are facing or even worrying about redundancy right now. It’s why this project has had a special place in my heart.

Redundancy Support Content

The hub content is a collection of articles, tutorials, interviews with experts and first person stories. I’ve created three main sections on the site:

  • Back to Work – the essentials on CV writing, interviews, finding work through LinkedIn and all the practical how-tos of finding another role. Experts share their advice, tailored for a post Covid-19 world
  • Changing Direction – for those that are looking at redundancy as a way to take time out and consider their next direction. This could mean s a career change, going back into education, becoming freelance or starting a business. Practical content sits alongside  interviews with people who have made the leap and have powerful stories to tell
  • You – advice and support around the many of the areas that are impacted by redundancy such as relationships, money and health.

You can visit the new site here.

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