The PR Mindset Programme

The PR Mindset Programme

Master the PR Mindset


  • Would you like to get you and your business in the press?
  • Have you often told yourself that you need to get coverage, but when it comes down to it find yourself running out of steam, distracted or just plain not sure what to do?
  • Are you keen to get press coverage in a way that feels easy and authentic?
  • Have you had press coverage in the past but found it hard to get traction and keep it happening?
set you press on fire with the pr mindset

Set your press on fire with the right PR mindset

Whether you’ve had some press coverage in the past or have already had some but want more, the key to consistent coverage that puts you in front of your target audience is two-fold. It’s about having the right PR mindset, and also knowing how to interest and intrigue the press.

Two years ago I took a group of amazing people out to Verona. On our trip, we mastered both of the above through workshops and exercises. Each and every one of them came back and reported a renewed energy and enthusiasm for approaching the press. They also had an increased understanding of how they could do this in a way that suited their skills, resources and personality.

The Online PR Mindset Programme

I’ve reinvented that programme to deliver it online, so you can benefit from it wherever you are in the world, at an affordable price. Over the six month’s of this programme we will have regular virtual sessions which cover the mindset of PR. These will get you in the right place psychologically. We will also be addressing the how-to of reaching out to journalists through monthly PR clinics.

It’s the culmination of my 20 plus years in PR and new life as a Business Psychologist. It will be a fun experience that will enable you to find out a lot more about yourself. You’ll find out if you have any blocks around talking to the press, and pin-point PR activities that feel right and easy for you.


Your Own Bespoke PR Strategy

Classes start on the 18th October, with your one to one strategy sessions as soon as you sign up. Together, we will co-create your PR strategy which you will be able to use again and again. This gives you a return on investment that will repay you for years to come.

Over the course of this programme you’ll get:

  • An initial one to one strategy call with me
  • Six Publicity Mindset sessions which use Business Psychology to get you in the right place to approach the press
  • Six PR clinic sessions where we will address the nitty gritty how to of PR: everything from how do you create a press list to how to cold call journalists
  • My classic Do Your Own PR course
  • A private Facebook group with a weekly challenge to keep up your motivation and momentum

If you’re ready to get press coverage then let’s get started. The investment is £699, and you can easily make this back with a couple of pieces of choice press coverage. Join us here:

As soon as your payment has gone through, we can get a date in the diary for our one to one strategy session. In the meantime, here are some testimonials from past clients.


Glimpses of Genius

Paula was immaculately prepared with timetables and work sections for us to get through which really helped the organisation of my thoughts. Every topic was valid and moved me to the next level. I was never pushed or prodded. I am a bit of a retreat expert and I am used to attending retreats where the person running it is so worried about delivering and making sure that you leave with a result that you are left feeling a little sad if you don’t get the big breakthrough. Paula’s gentle approach meant that I didn’t have to have a big breakthrough. The journey took me on such a smooth and consistent pathway and along the way I kept having little glimpses of genius.


I have walked away  with my life truly changed. I didn’t have to run around looking for anything. Paula showed me that it was already there inside me. It just needed a place to be visible and a platform to speak from. I will never be the same again. On returning home – I know people have noticed a change. Lots of people keep saying to me “you are really grounded Nadine” and I smile knowing that on this retreat I found a reason that was worth me being visible for. Not only to the world – also to myself.
Nadine Benjamin, Opera Singer



“Paula said that she wanted to steer away from calling her retreat transformational. But I would say that this is one of the most transformational retreats I have been on, particularly in relation to my work and business. We were actually all planning and working on the next steps of our business while there. We were taking action right away which integrated everything we learned right away into the physical reality. Also the sisterhood that has been fostered on this Retreat is phenomenal. I feel that with this kind of support from one another anything is possible! So I guess watch this space for us all. “
Emily Love

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