Why Use Personality Testing in PR?

Why Use Personality Testing in PR?

Personality Testing For The PR Industry


personality testing in PRIf you’ve found your way here then you may know that I offer psychology services to the PR industry. This includes research for campaigns, coaching and, of course personality tests.

Personality testing, or psychometrics, is a great way to assess your people’s strengths so that you can put them in the right places, whether that’s business development, doing the business or grooming for leadership. It’s also a useful way to assemble teams, getting the right balance of creativity, drive and attention to detail.

Personality testing for PR is different

The PR industry is quite a unique one and as a PR myself, I bring a lot of knowledge of the issues and strains of PR. I understand the stresses of business development, the expectations from clients as well as the pressure of keeping up with the constant running programme of social media. This gives me an insight into the industry which means I can really add value.

People find their personality assessments fascinating. As part of the process they get a one to one with me where we go through their results. The tests are easily done online, from anywhere. They can be used as a fascinating basis for a group team development meeting, or the starting block for an individual development programme.

You can choose to get everyone tested, or just concentrate on your team leaders, it’s up to you. As an agency, what it will do is identify any gaps that may be causing you issues, hone in on possible next leaders and uncover hidden talents. What if you had a great business development person under your nose all the time and never knew it?

Finally, it looks at what people enjoy doing, not just want they are good at, so you can identify motivations and drivers which helps you know where people will be working at their most fulfilled.

Personality Testing For PR Recruitment

If you’re looking to hire someone new, personality testing can significantly raise your chances of finding someone with the right skill set and behaviours. It also identifies the best working style to suit both the position and your company culture.

Personality testing in PR minimises the risk of choosing someone unsuitable. Not to mention, all the wasted money, time and energy that accompanies that. It makes the process a fairer one for everyone.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss more. I am happy to meet you or have an informal chat on Zoom if you’d like to know more, or even have a taster yourself.

My best wishes,

Paula Gardner

P.S. I am running a well-being in the workplace breakfast workshop in conjunction with Wake Up With Zest this April. Join us and bring back some easy to implement well-being ideas for your own workplace.


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