Career Change and Brexit: The Implications

Career Change and Brexit: The Implications

Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now: Career Change and Brexit


career change and brexitAre you worried about your career change and Brexit? I have recently had a number of clients coming to me with the conundrum of whether they should go for a job change or just sit it out until Brexit has happened. Hopefully, then the future will be a bit more predictable.

Those hit worst seem to be City workers. They may be facing the fact that the City will no longer the global financial player it once was. But the truth is, we just don’t know. Whether it’s a hard or soft Brexit, the future will be unpredictable.

Career Change and Brexit Questions

The strategist in me says that it makes sense for people to wait. However that also means that, when you do come to look for a new position you will be competing against everyone else who decided to wait too. There is no easy answer to this, so I am going to give you some questions to ponder:

Are your employers based in Europe?

One of my clients’ parent company is French and so currently reviewing the amount of people they have on the ground in the UK.  Now that his children are grown up, he has the option to move to Paris. he is now improving his French to put him in the best position should that have to happen.

How do you feel about your job?

If you hate your job or career then waiting things out may just be cruelty.  The economic landscape may be unpredictable but we just don’t know how long this will last. Do you really want to waste years just because you were scared to change?

Can you take baby steps?

Can you look around and survey the landscape before making irreversible decisions? In other words, can you take it slowly and surely?

What else can you do?

Is there something you can do in the meantime to improve your employability? Take a course, go back to University, or volunteer perhaps? Maybe you can work on raising your visibility by joining professional groups or starting a blog on an expert subject? Blogging is a wonderful way to build a reputation in your niche. This is nicely illustrated here by healthcare consultant Colin Jervis of Kinetic Consulting.  Colin started his own blog after we met for a coaching session.

“Paula has plenty of good ideas and converts these into action plans, which she then follows up. In particular Paula inspired me to start a blog and after 7 months the blog gets about 1000 visits a day and has attracted interest in my sector and with the media.”

If you’d like to talk over the implications Brexit may have for you and your career, or create a strategy for raising your own professional profile, contact me to book a session.

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