Scarlet Thinking Collaborates With Wake Up With Zest

Scarlet Thinking Collaborates With Wake Up With Zest

IN THE PINK: Healthy, Happy People & Profits


Scarlet Thinking collaborates with Wake up with ZestScarlet Thinking is collaborating with Wake Up With Zest, to address mental and physical health of staff. Most companies and organisations are now taking on the importance of nurturing the well-being of their people. After all, a recent article in Forbes pointed out that that the cost of one lost employee in a skilled position equates to over 200% of their annual salary. *

There are hundreds of studies suggesting highly stressed employees are subject to greater health risks, increased cost, and productivity losses than those with normal stress levels. There is even more research linking ill-health (being overweight, bad diet and lack of sleep amongst other things) with high absentee figures. Additionally, they are highly vulnerability to stress, which in turn will impact on productivity. **


Even if your organisation is the most laid-back organisation in the world, people will always be experiencing stress. In fact, each individual job aside, modern life is all about stress. The stress of commuting, whether that’s sitting in traffic or squeezing onto the Tube (if you can). The stress of social media, of the constant barrage of emails that hit our inboxes, the internet connection that goes down just when you’ve an important Skype meeting, the assault of terrifying news, media gossip and, quite frankly the rate of change. Whilst organisations may not be causing some of this stress, it makes sense that they decided to become part of the solution.

In the Pink

We’ve called this collaboration In the Pink as it addresses both the mental and physical through interventions that impact on any triple bottom line.

As a Business Psychologist and executive coach I use Positive Psychology. Positive Psychology is based on scientific study (this is no woo woo approach) to helping people thrive and flourish. This not mental first aid (although that’s a great thing and much needed), but an approach that integrates positive psychology tools and techniques throughout the business or organisation. Grounded in cutting edge research, Positive Psychology is about working with peoples’s strengths and ascertaining how we can help both those individuals and the community (i.e. the organisation) to thrive.  It’s about looking at the best of people, and encouraging them to use that, which of course makes them happier and more productive.

My partner is Wake Up with Zest, a wellbeing consultancy. Wake up with Zest specialises in helping employees from forward thinking companies live a healthy lifestyle without complicated gimmicks or strict regimes. Founder Rachel McGuinness is passionate about educating people about sleep. She also has extensive expertise in nutrition, fitness and stress management. Rachel has worked with British Airways, Business Traveller Magazine, John Radcliffe Hospital and The Society of Occupational Medicine.

In The Pink can deliver:

  • Talks and Workshops
  • Executive, leadership and health coaching
  • Psychometrics for development and engagement
  • One to one consultations from senior level downwards
  • Bespoke programmes created for your needs
  • Webinars


Do get in touch if you’d like to know more. 




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