Audra Lamoon’s Business Travel Tips

Audra Lamoon’s Business Travel Tips

Audra Lamoon Shares her Business Travel Tips


Audra LamoonI don’t know about you but, much as I love travelling for business, it does sometimes leave me feeling tired. I am always keen to hear travel tips from seasoned travellers and caught up with Audra Lamoon to hear hers. Audra is the founder of, delivering  consultancy and training to the retail & property arenas, among others, specialising in turning around distressed shopping centres. Audra’s company also consults with launching mixed use schemes, retail & hotels.

Over to Audra…

We are experientalists and our consulting and training is very active and engaging. We always work with the customer/resident/guest in mind…always! I travel to USA mainly, but also Dubai and Europe occasionally. We have business partners in both Holland and Atlanta.

Audra Lamoon’s tips on booking business travel


  • Get your PA to do it, and book well in advance
  • Check & recheck and by by creating an itinerary
  • Check Trip Advisor & the distance from airport to meeting destination. Do you want to be close to your client, or local to town or retail? Check it out!
  • Join a frequent flyer prog if you travel a lot: get points & upgrades
  • Check if visa and or ESTA is needed & ensure 6 months are left on passport
  • Learn basics in foreign language  such as hello, goodbye, thank you, wine, chocolate and Taxi
  • Get free foreign exchange at post office. Although I sometimes order to before I go with Travellex and it’s at the airport waiting for me with little or no charge.
  • Cal the  FCO before unsettled countries to see if it’s safe or for cultural advice

Audra Lamoon’s tips for the journey itself


  • Pack travel adapters
  • Turn off roaming
  • Use First Defence cold remedy before flight to stop catching cold on plane
  • Wear comfortable and loose clothing
  • Hydrate before and during flight – 1 cup for every hour on the plane at least….then cross legs!!!!!
  • Leave for the airport early  – I prepare for a 2 hour delay!
  • Fully charge your laptop phone etc. The US is good as it has charge stations but not all airports do
  • Have a packing list that stays in your case so you don’t leave anything behind

Audra Lamoon’s tips for staying in a hotel


  •     Ask! Ask for free upgrade
  •     Book early & ask for what you want. US hotels are usually more accommodating, even if not as plush. Be aware that hotel chains are not consistent in all countries.
  •     Pack tea as US hotels have coffee machines only:(
  •     I ask for kettle & additional clothes hangers in advance
  •     Request room away from lift …too noisy

Audra Lamoon’s tips for sleeping on a business trip


  •     Switch to local time tight away never work out what it really is!
  •     So adjust to local time & sleep when locals do
  •     Pack eye shades & ear plugs in case your hotel is on a motorway/ highway

“If you ever ask  yourself should I wash my hair – wash your hair! You will feel awful all day if you don’t”

Audra Lamoon’s tip for staying healthy on the road


  • Buy bottled water
  • Pack fruit and low-calorie health bars
  • Wash or peel fruit
  • Pack moisturisers (& diacalms if you have a weak tummy )
  • Have a change of comfy shoes
  • Buy a local phone if in US a lot or  Dubai. I  have phones for each to make cheap calls & text

Audra Lamoon’s tips for arriving calm, collected and looking good for meetings


  •     If you ever ask  yourself should I wash my hair – wash your hair! You will feel awful all day if you don’t
  •     Spruce up at airport (some have showers) and brush your teeth
  •     Use make up and perfume at airports  & prepare for meeting in advance to offset jet lag stupidity
  •     Pack important meeting info in hand luggage for easy access and no panic
  •     Time your flight to give plenty of time to make meeting: a 2 hour margin again
  •     Book a driver & car.

You can find out more about Audra here

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