What Happens In A Masterminding Group?

What Happens In A Masterminding Group?

London Business Masterminding: Bonding Over Food


Less than a year ago I started Scarlet Thinking’s Hot House groups. These are monthly business masterminding groups to help female business owners stretch themselves and build their profile.  I’m a big believer in the power of support and collaboration. Over the years, conversations with people who think differently to me have often helped me move my business on. This is something which illustrates beautifully the power of working with others. People will think differently to you, and, if you work alone, that outside viewpoint is invaluable. And I haven’t even mentioned the power of accountability. Just knowing that you have publicly committed to completing certain actions is a huge motivator in helping you get them done. This is especially true if you are prone to procrastination or just too busy doing the day to day business to fit in those tasks that will help move it forward.


The Importance of Food


I have explored much of London over the past few years, and wanted to bring some of that to the groups. By that I mean interesting places to enjoy delicious breakfasts and beautiful tea and cakes. All the best planning and bonding is done over food. My masterminding groups are small, with a maximum of five people.  I want everyone to have a good dollop of time in the spotlight. Everything is confidential between members. As they get to know each other better you can see them start to challenge each other, as well as tease and support.

Members also mingle between groups, with occasional Hot House bonuses, such as the summer Teddy Bear picnic, and an Intuition walk. We also run regular speaking and networking evenings, where Hot Housers get the chance to share and grow their networks, speak to an audience and mingle. Our last event, Hot House Your Business in an evening, was a well attended and vibrant occasion.


Almost 9 months in, I now have 4 Hot House groups, The Orchids, African Violets, Hibiscus and Red Hot Chillies. Our members are getting great things under their belts. These include giving a talk to British Airways, a double page spread in the Daily Express, taking part in a three day exhibition, running a retreat, and blogging for Arianna Huffington’s new site, Thrive Global. Of course, sometimes little actions are just as important. These are the ones which add up and help you gain momentum. Group members have launched new websites, written and created webinars, appeared on TV, got to grips with Facebook Live and found additional streams of income.

If you’d like to find out more about Scarlet Thinking’s Hot Hot mastermind groups, please visit to this link. In the meantime I will leave you with some words from Natalie Guerin, a member of our Hibiscus group:

“After just one session at The Hot House I was inspired and energised.  I came away with some business objectives and a new offering for my business which is close to being launched.   The second session was really thought provoking and gave me lots of insights into the drive I have in creating a successful business.  Thank you Paula for your expertise.”  

Natalie Guerin from pebble.uk.com 

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