Our May Hot House Your Business Event

Our May Hot House Your Business Event

A Glimpse Into Last Month’s Business Speaking and Networking Event


Last month The Hot House held an evening of talks and networking to help your business bloom. Four of my Hot House members stepped up and spoke about their own expert niche during our evening of networking, business wisdom and Oomph.

In the elegant setting of Dion’s underground Champagne bar, right next to the beautiful St Paul’s Cathedral, we mingled and mused over four key areas to help businesses stay in top shape making connections while we learned about…

What IS Oomph? Most people think they know – but they don’t really. Oomph Expert Caroline Carr  of http://www.findyouroomph.com told us how to find it, why you need it, and how to keep it there without having to really try. Oomph-suffusion is infectious, bringing with it energy, sparkle and authenticity – qualities that attract others and boost your business, and enable you to find lasting inner freedom and joy.

Cushion the Impact’s Andrea Osborne talked about what what is needed to manage your day effectively. In her talk we learned real, practical solutions to being more focused; all this and other time management nuggets to make a real impact on your life.


Rachel McGuiness from wake Up With Zest

Rachel McGiuiness from wake Up With Zest

Most companies and products will aim to create a “Brand” through advertising, websites logos and brochures. As professionals and business owners it is essential that we consider our Personal Brand; using our clothing, grooming and body language, so that we are consistently seen in a positive way. Using elements of colour psychology Gail Morgan of www.gailmorganstyle.com talked us through finding unique personal brand  and how this might look.

And finally…Rachel McGuiness of wakeupwithzest.com explaiend why and how we should Snooze to Get into your Business Groove! Rachel demystified the enigma of sleep and explained what happens when you shut your eyes and drift off into the land of nod,  shared the 3 things you must do before bedtime and taught is a simple trick to help you relax if you have difficulty going to sleep or you wake up in the night.

If you’re interested in joining a business mastermind group to be supported and challenged in reaching your business goals, find out more here. Visit our events page for more Hot House dates.


Thanks for this – it was a great evening and I really enjoyed it.

Jennifer Corcoran


“I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic evening on Monday. The speakers from your Hot House group were really interesting and it was a great networking group too.”

Anna Howard-Price


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