5 Ways to put the Oomph back into your Work

5 Ways to put the Oomph back into your Work

Bring Back the Oomph! Ways to Make Work Less Boring

I’ve asked Caroline Carr, to share her tips on adding a little more oomph into your working life…

Caroline Carr of Find Your Oomph

Caroline Carr of Find Your Oomph

Most people think Oomph is about ‘get-up-and-go’. Well it is – yet it’s also much more than that. It’s that quality of inner freedom and joy that is always there, underpinning your life. Of course it gets eclipsed or squashed sometimes due to a range of factors, but it’s always there as a little spark – just waiting to be ignited again. As you stay connected to that spark and let it burn ever brighter, your truest and most authentic self emerges, and all the decisions and choices you make are aligned with that.

The 5 Ways

Here are 5 ways to put the Oomph back into your work – which means putting the Oomph back into YOU.

Start the day as you mean to go on

Spend one minute setting a positive intention for the day. This is so important, as those first few thoughts set the tone for the whole day. It could just be something like: “Today I’m going to find as many things to be grateful for as I can.” Then stick to your intention. Turn it into a game. You may be surprised how this calms and rejuvenates you if you make a concerted effort to find things to be thankful for at various points during the day! Let yourself feel grateful if you can though – physical sensations associated with emotions are even more powerful than thoughts.

Be curious

Curiosity might have ‘killed the cat’, but it will open you up to new possibilities. The moment you allow yourself to make assumptions and judgements where none are called for, you fall into patterns of behaviour and thinking that may be keeping you stuck. Curiosity is essential.


Be playful in an appropriate and non-annoying-to-others way. Approach boring tasks in a light and playful fashion, and be imaginative. It’s amazing how much more productive you can be if you adopt this attitude – plus which playing opens new neural pathways in the brain, enabling you to solve problems and challenges more effectively y.


Move your body frequently to keep you energized and to change your perspective. Enjoy any regular exercise that you do – let it be fun, not a chore. Change what you do if it’s not fun anymore or it will be counter-productive. The moment it becomes tedious and loathsome, it becomes soul-destroying – which is depleting.


Take a break. Go somewhere different and recharge your batteries. Time away with a like-minded group puts you on a fast-track path to finding and sustaining your Oomph.



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