Summer Challenges

Summer Challenges

Have You Set Yourself Some Summer Business Challenges?


Lisbon 2014 040Thank goodness it looks as though we finally have a summer in the UK. However, if you’re anything like me that also comes with children off school and the lure of long, lazy days to knock you off your business focus. Last year I wrote about some low effort PR ideas that can keep you going through the summer months, this year I’d like to talk to you about setting yourself some some challenges…and share my own with you.
I have three challenges this summer. The first one is that I am trying the 28 day challenge. Bear with me as this does have a business point. I first came across Fitgirls on Instagramm at, and I was blown away by the community they have put together. They have over 4 million followers taking part in their challenges, many of which have their own Fitgirl Instagram accounts where they post their progress.


It’s a fabulous example of how social media can not just sell but build a community, so I thought I would give it a go. I’m not sure I will be posting photos of myself in a bikini, however.


My second challenge is taking my Red Programme to a wider audience, and selling it into organisations rather than just individuals. This is a programme that spans three days and is a process of deciding on what public reputation you would like and then putting together a strategy to create it. There are lots of other goodies including a vocal power hour with a voice coach, your own photo shoot and a psychometric test for learning and development purposes. So, I’m looking for two things. The first is a wonderful sales person that knows how to sell into organisations, the second is you…specifically anyone that can successfully recommend or refer me. I’ve put together a fantastic thank you in the form of financial remuneration or work with me in return. So please get in touch if you’d like to know more.


My final challenge is to listen to all 36 hours of Anna Karenina. After seeing War and Peace on TV earlier this year I knew I wanted to read some Tolstoy but the books are just too big to take on the tube or read in the bath! I’m not a big Kindle reader, I spend enough time in front of a screen, so was overjoyed when I realised I could listen on Audible. Now I’m hooked. I’m doing this with my son and we’re both about 4 hours in and so far absolutely entranced.

If you’d like to share your summer challenges with me (especially if I can help), please do post them under this blog post here, or, check out how we can work together.


summer business challenges

Don’t let the sun set on your summer business challenges

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