Free Course To Help Raise Your Profile

Free Course To Help Raise Your Profile

Ideas to Help You Stand Out and Build a Reputation


coaching sessionsThere are moments in life when you really need to step up and make that extra effort to stand out from your peers. It could be when you decide to start your own business, or want to take it to the next level. It could equally be that you’re employed but want to work on your reputation to stand you in good stead for a future promotion, sideways move to something more interesting, or a change of job. ¬†For many of us, deciding that we are going to put our head out from the parapet and get noticed can be a little scary. It also sounds like hard work, perhaps too much for us to keep up long term.

It doesn’t have to be. In my twenty plus years of working with people and business on how to stand out and get noticed by both consumers and the press (no easy feat), I’ve amassed tons of ideas, experience and know-how on how, exactly, to build a professional reputation. It’s a process that will bring you self-confidence, a strong grounding of who you are, and skills and knowledge that will help you in all areas of your career or business.

Where I stand out (I believe) is that I work with people on their strengths – what they find easy to do – and what they enjoy doing, so profile and reputation building is made as easy as possible. But it’s an odd concept for many. They may be a novice at social media or just unused to calling attention to themselves. If this is you, then a great way to start is with my free 11 part Raise Your profile course where I’ve come up with bite-sized suggestions that anyone can implement. It’s a toolbox of ideas that will get you thinking about how you can stand out and what activities you can easily fit into your working day to build a professional reputation that serves you well.

Some of the activities are things that I do for my personal PR clients and I know that they work.

It’s a short (and free) 11 day ecourse that you can sign up for here. Yes, you will be added to my list, but you can unsubscribe at a later date if you wish.

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