The Scarlet Coaching Garden

Do You Need the Rose Garden… or The Hot House?


hothouseOver the years I’ve had many goals, dreams and objectives. Some of them, like getting my own PR books published, have come to pass. Some of them, like moving to Italy, haven’t yet. There are some that I’ve abandoned because I’ve realised that they don’t make my heart sing, or that they’re just not realistic. What I’ve come to understand, however, is that the creation of anything – be it change, a book, the business or lifestyle of  your dreams – draws upon two very different types of energy. It’s very difficult to use both types of energy at the same time. In fact, it’s almost impossible.


This realisation has led me to create my two coaching groups, and each one is designed for the type of energy and work that you need, right now, and the beauty is that you can move from one group to the other as you need.


Both of them bring together the latest in business psychology, the best of action learning sets, together with my own experience as a coach, mentor, author, business owner (for over 20 years), and PR and marketeer. Social and supportive: it’s like have your own personal board of directors.


As a huge fan of London’s coffee houses, tea rooms, restaurants, cafes and hotels, each month I handpick a location to inspire, challenge or just enjoy. The two mastermind groups on offer are The Hot House and the Rose Garden.


The Hot House


There’s a time to plan and a time to take action, and the Hot House is definitely about action.  Here, we work together to support each other, share knowledge and contacts and make things happen. The Hot House meets in the morning, for coffee and a pastry, as the Hot House is all about getting up, getting out there and getting on with it.


Here I’ll share cutting edge psychology tools that will help you focus more deeply and move forward, step by step, with your peers cheering you along the way. Each month you’ll commit to actions that you decide upon, and report back to the group on your results.


Additionally, you’ll receive surprise gifts between sessions, and you can decide to take a more softer approach at the Rose Garden whenever you need a breather.




The Rose Garden


Do you need to take a step back and just breathe? Do you feel the overwhelming necessity to find a space for yourself where you can rediscover yourself, ponder and uncover what really matters to you right now? Perhaps it’s time for a new direction, but you’re not quite sure what that is. Or maybe you just want to shed yourself of what’s holding you back: obligations, people, priorities that aren’t your own and beliefs that no longer serve you.


Perhaps you already have an elusive inkling of where you want to go, or what you want to do, but you just can’t get hold of it and want some help and input firming it up.


rose-gardenOur elegant Rose Garden coaching sessions take place in London, once a month, over tea and cakes, where we will take time to address those questions that so easily fall by the wayside in our busy lives. You will be welcomed into a supportive, nurturing environment which is kept alive by meditations and surprise gifts in between. Using a combination of business psychology and coaching techniques, I will ensure that our time together address your individual needs.







The Rules!


    • You can move from the Rose Garden to The Hot House and vice versa as you need: membership entitles you to one session per month
    • Membership includes a monthly two hour coaching group session with 2 beverages and pastry/cake
    • Membership is £360 per quarter
    • Members will also receive a 30 minute welcome coaching session on joining.
    • Unused sessions cannot be carried over to the following month, but can be exchanged for 30 minutes of one to one telephone coaching.




My PR and marketing knowledge and expertise is always at your disposal, and my bulging black book of contacts open and ready to help you in whatever situation you may need it.


What Happens Next?


Join today here and I will be in touch to book in your welcome call with me in advance of your first session.


You may already have an idea of which group is appealing to you right now, but if you don’t, this call will help us work out where you need to be. We’ll also talk through what you need from our time together so that I can create an experience that really serves you.


Not sure? Email me now and we can set up a call to chat it through.





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