The Big Brand Builder

Catapult Your Business Into The Public Eye : A Ten Month Business and PR Coaching Programme


I’m a bit of an innovator. Like many business people, I’m always coming up with new ideas. Some fly; some flail around and never get off the ground. That’s part of being in business. But something which has worked for me and my clients for over 4 years now is my Big Brand Builder.


The Big Brand Builder is my signature programme where you get the chance to work one on one with me in a hybrid between you doing your own PR and me doing some for you. It’s my highest level programme for those businesses and clients who really want to see a big difference in their profile. And I believe it’s real value for money.


You can work with me personally, or send a member of your team to work with me over a ten month period, to build your business through PR, marketing, content marketing, social media and networking (some family businesses have sent me their sons and daughters who are joining the family firm!). I will effectively be another member of your business, helping you utilise as many avenues as possible to grow your business and really see a difference. This programme includes one to one face to face sessions, telephone support and step by step courses that build into everything you need to know about raising your profile or getting your business noticed.


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This is what we do


A New Theme


I’ve decided to bring in a new theme for 2015, however, and that is how to cope with the overwhelm. I know many of you are feeling it: that pressure to be seen everywhere, posting regularly and just being “busy”, as if you weren’t busy enough already.

This isn’t about loading you with tasks you’re never going to fit in, and action points that make you feel even more stressed. We’ll be looking at the way you work, the activities that you enjoy, and weaving your marketing strategies around them.  In short, it will be a bespoke course, centred around you!


The Programme


This is a business building programme that will catapult your brand into the public eye like never before. It’s a ten month programme that includes four days of face to face work with me, support, ideas and brainstorming.
During our time together, we will look at:


  • Strategy –  take time out from you business and enjoy a full day with me where we delve deep into what you want from the course, your goals for your business, identify your markets and message, and create a long-term profile raising strategy for your brand
  • Content Mechanics – I will put a media list together for you and create the technical systems you need to get your message out to the press
  • Broadcast – we’ll get on and get stuff out there: from press releases to tip sheets to product shots, you will have an active press room selling you to the outside world
  • Image – You’ll have a review of your website from a journalist who will give you their honest feedback (this is always a revealing exercise and worth its weight in gold) plus we will conduct a thorough review of all the visuals you use in your business, including you if applicable!
  • Social Media – We will work out where you should be spending your precious time and resources, find the key players in your area and get practical help with any social media logistics you need to know, right from the beginning if necessary!
  • Digital PR – Probably the most important thing you’ll learn on this programme. Without it, watch your business stagnate and die
  • Meet The Press – This will take you through organising and running a press event/stunt, and help you schedule and run one. You are going to do it!
  • The Factory – Creating a system that will take you into the future
  •  Keeping It Creative- we’ll look at how you can keep coming up with ideas and exploring your creative side
  •  Who or what do you need to know to grow this now? – We look at systems, getting help, time management, joint ventures and where to go from here. If you’re ready to take on PR help, we’ll help you find the perfect match.

What you get…


  • 4 x face to face mastermind days with me
  • A press list, press release, tip sheet and product shot (if applicable) put together for you
  • A list of who you should be following and interacting with on social media: cut out the white noise
  • 6 one to one personal coaching calls on the months when we don’t meet
  •  A series of how-to PR courses – no long-winded notes to plough through, just short sharp ideas you can implement and templates that I know work, that you can copy and tweak
  • 10 month’s of email/telephone coaching access – no need for an appointment, just call when you need help.

The Investment…


I’m not going to get you to sign up for webinars to warm you up or place inflated “valued at” prices of what goes into this programme. Anyone can see that it’s real solid work with me and worth its price, which is £6400, payable in one deposit of £1000, then nine monthly payments of £600.Alternatively, for businesses paying in one go I offer a thank you reduction of £800, bringing the price down to £5600.


If you’d like to chat about working with me like this, drop me a line ( and we’ll book in a discovery call to talk it through.


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