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The Rose Garden: Business and Leadership Coaching


The Rose Garden personal leadership programmeThe Rose Garden is my business coaching programme for self-belief, visibility and credibility – all vital ingredients of sustainable growth.


It is coaching that encourages you to be brave, to take bold action, and not get caught up in the comfort zone.


I also work gently with you to ensure that you still remain firmly in the present, making the most of your relationships and your well-being right now, and not some constantly moving date in the future.


The Rose Garden business coaching consists of 8 x 1.5 hour sessions in a guided programme that uses business psychology exercises with brainstorming, goal setting and accountability.


At the same time, all my PR and marketing expertise and contacts are also at your service, and I am at the end of the phone or on email if you ever need me during our time working together.


The Rose Garden Business Coaching is ideal if you are:


  • Launching a new business or project
  • Moving from working alone to growing and leading a team
  • Exploring new avenues of income and growing your business
  • Getting a business to a position where you can sell it, or even step back and let someone else run it
  • Cultivating your own business culture
  • Struggling with issues around self-belief or sabotage that are stopping you from reaching the next level 


Business Coaching Details


During our time together we will often be checking that you are working to a goal that is achievable, sustainable and the right one for you. We will look at what may need to go to bring in the new and examining your mindset to keep you moving forward with the minimum of effort.


We will also look at the fascinating topics of visibility, influence and leadership, and how you can grow yours, transalting them to a way of working and being that is authentically you – but better!


We will address the wobbles if they happen to come up: some clients find that it’s their friends, colleagues and family that do the wobbling not them. Nevertheless, you still need to be able to handle it and any doubts and messages from your inner critic that start to creep in.


The subject of People is central to our work together. Who do you need to know now, who can support you and how can you help others as you follow your own journey?


Our work starts with personality questionnaires to help us assess your strengths, skills and look at any areas that may need nurturing,





8 x 1.5hr (call, Skype or face to face in London). All sessions must be taken within 6 months of start date.

Contact me for a totally no-strings attached call to discuss.


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