Psychometric Profiling For Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders


psychometric testingHave you ever wondered why it can be so hard to get to the next stage in your business? Have you questioned your work life balance but can’t seem to get it right: something always suffers? Are you looking to grow your team but don’t know where to start? Have you noticed that the strengths and skills that have you got where you are don’t seem to be working as well going forward?


My Psychological profiling for entrepreneurs session is a powerful tool that will identify not only your strengths and weaknesses but those jobs and tasks which make you happiest. And, of course, those that drain you.


We will look at your communication style to help you understand why you never seem to get through to some people. You will also be able to recognise the preferred communication style of others: ideal for dealing with clients, selling and motivating your team.


Talking of teams, I can help you identify the strengths you already have and those that would be beneficial. This will help you design job specs, interview and recruit the right person for the team, not just the tasks.


Our profiling session is a day with me focused on you and your needs, whether it’s business growth, personal development, coaching through a particular issue or looking at the growth of your team…or all of these.


At the end of our time together you will…


  • Understand your own communication style
  • Have an insight into the communication styles of others
  • Know what strengths are currently serving you
  • And which ones may be keeping you trapped
  • Understand your drivers
  • See how to move forward
  • Pin-point areas you may like to develop
  • Work out how to fill the gaps in your own knowledge and abilities

You’ll also receive an your own psychometric reports, plus my own written observations pertinent to your situation.


Price: £995

Our day takes place in London, but we can also do it over two Zoom sessions. It is also available in Rome, Verona or Paris. Price on application.


Contact us to arrange a confidential chat to discuss your needs.



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