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Growing Tall Poppies: The Scarlet Thinking Approach to Learning  & Development


learning and developmentMy goal is always is to engender an atmosphere where learning and development is respected, sought after and valued, and no one is uncomfortable to stand out for their talents, knowledge or hard work.  A culture where training is creative without having to look as though it’s competing for a mention in the next round of BAFTAs. Not to mention run up a bill that provokes a harried look from the finance department.


I’ve long hated the term “people management”.  People are more than mere things to “manage,” and it is through really connecting with people that we understand the best ways to support their developmental journey and, of course, reap the rewards for the organisation at the same time.


I am sure I don’t need to list those rewards here: the payback in terms of staff engagement, retention, creativity and positive feelings towards the workplace is well-recognised and every organisation with a strategy for the future is aware of the importance of investing in this area. If you need any more convincing take a look at this article in Harvard Business Review.


I have over 20 years’ experience in business, PR and marketing, and I now blend this with Business Psychology to create learning and development options for businesses – and professionals – who need more of an edge in today’s fast moving digital business landscape. My background in PR and marketing means that one of the solutions I can deliver is profile raising, helping change employees into ambassadors, along with first class customer service, management skills for new managers and leadership


I use what I call the ACE system when I work with you.


A – Assess and audit your needs. This begins with the Saville Wave psychometric test, which not only uncovers strengths and weaknesses, but also looks at the areas that an individual enjoys, and is therefore motivated to improve

C – Coach and mentor individuals through this period, concentrating on helping them get the right mindset to help the new skills and knowledge stick

E – Education. With vast experience in learning delivery from ecourses to workshops to podcasts,  I can create both training solutions and a CPD library that is yours, now and for the future. Other options include creating induction or training courses for new recruits or interns, plus a group coaching programme to support them in their early career with you.


I have two published textbooks to my name, have spoken on business internationally, and my articles have appeared in publications such as The Guardian, HRZone and The Huffington Post. Additionally, my studies as a post graduate student enable me to bring the latest academic research in business psychology, learning and development into my work.


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