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executive coaching is opening the doorCoaching is Opening the Door…


…to a new way of looking at things.


I am an Executive and Business Coach based in London and have studied coaching to Masters’ level. I’ve been coaching and mentoring leaders from a huge array of industries and sectors for over ten years.


Additionally, I am a Business Psychologist. This means that I bring to the table practical models, tools and exercises that can add clarity, focus and direction. This combination of Business Psychologist and executive coach also allows me to look at issues from the viewpoint of both the individual and organisation. It helps us to assess how actions and decisions will impact on each.


As a past owner of my own PR company, I have also personally experienced many issues pertinent to leadership.


I offer executive coaching as one off sessions, and three and six month courses. If you are facing an imminent decision or change, or want an intense one-day coaching session fully focused on you, consider my Clarity Day in Paris.


My executive coaching clients have included senior leaders, board directors, management and founders of SMEs, as well as individuals on their own quest.


“You are honest, open and sincere. You always support me but also challenge what I have to say so I don’t make any stupid decisions! You are always a great listener and never judge me. You encourage and never patronise.” A client



To discuss or book any of the above, email me or call on 07534 984298.


My Approach


During our coaching together, we will often be checking that you are working to a goal that is achievable, sustainable and the right one for you. We will look at what may need to go to bring in the new. We’ll also examining your mindset to keep you moving forward with the minimum of effort.


We will address the wobbles if they happen to come up. Some clients find that it’s their colleagues and family that do the wobbling not them. Nevertheless, you still need to be able to handle it and any doubts and messages from your inner critic that start to creep in.


The subject of People is also central to our work together. Who do you need to know now? Who can support you? How can you help others as you follow your own journey?


Our work starts with personality questionnaires to help us assess your strengths, skills and look at any areas that may need nurturing,




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