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opening the door with coachingCoaching is Opening the Door…


As humans we’ve evolved to learn through stories. As a child, it may have been through the tales of the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson, or a particular story teller from your own culture that captured your imagination.  For me it was the film version of the Red Shoes with its vibrancy and colour.


I like to think of coaching as turning the key in the door to your own adventure: your own story. One of the most exciting things  is that you never know where it’s going to lead. Even if there are tangible set goals to reach,  the journey reveals gems of understanding about yourself, your own situation and the people around you. It is more than likely to encourage you to go down pathways you might have been nervous about exploring on your own, and gives you the gift of space to uncover those mistakes or unconscious thoughts that may have been holding you back.


I’ve been coaching and mentoring clients for over 15 years. It is a way to both effect change, and deal with those changes that may have been foisted upon us from external sources. My approach embraces a deep dive into values, goals and motivations, but we always come back to the pragmatic question of  “how are we going to make things happen?” and adjust course accordingly.


My coachees have included senior leaders, board directors, management and founders of SMEs, as well as individuals on their own quest.


“You are honest, open and sincere. You always support me but also challenge what I have to say so I don’t make any stupid decisions! You are always a great listener and never judge me. You encourage and never patronise.” A client


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