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 coaching is opening the doorCoaching is Opening the Door……to a new way of looking at things.


Why choose coaching? You may be at the doorway of a new job, a new business or a new problem or issue. It may be a transition time at your life. Or it could just be a moment where you want to take stock and get off your current path because something is telling you that it’s not quite right.


Wherever you are at, you have an innate understanding that the mindset and behaviours that got you here aren’t going to be enough to take you successfully forward. That’s where I come in.


I work with people who are:


  • Stuck
  • Want to seriously up their game
  • Are just setting out on a new path and want some support
  • Facing a life changing decision


Throwing off the Shackles


Together we will co-create your best way forward, using you strengths, skills, and the gem that is the authentic you.  During our coaching we will disentangle you from the “shoulds”. We will also look at the roles that your upbringing, culture or society may have forced you into taking on. At times it may be fast, furious and challenging. At others we will linger, working through knotty issues or joyfully collaborating on a way forward that is your true desire.


The Confidence to Change

But it’s not enough to know what changes you want to make. Much of my career has been working with people who have a strong vision but something holds them back – confidence, Imposter Syndrome, bad organisation or time management for instance. We’ll address anything that may be holding you back, including your strengths, as overusing your strengths is often a way to get stuck.  I promise you that our work together will build your  confidence and empower you to make the changes you desire.


About Coach Paula Gardner


I am a coach based in London. I have studied coaching to Masters’ level and qualified with the ICF accredited Animas School of coaching. and have been coaching and mentoring leaders from a huge array of industries and sectors for over ten years.


Additionally, I am a Business Psychologist. This means that I bring to the table practical models, tools and exercises that can add clarity, focus and direction. As a past owner of my own PR company, I have also personally experienced many issues pertinent to leadership and running a business. A a mentor, I can sometimes offer practical advice, contacts and suggestions that you may not have thought of. I find mentoring combines well with coaching. Sometimes you just want someone to hand you a shortcut, rather than have to figure it all out on your own!



“You are honest, open and sincere, and you always support me but also challenge what I have to say so I don’t make any stupid decisions! You are always a great listener and never judge me and always encourage and never patronise.” A client



To discuss or book any of the above, email me or call on 07534 984298.









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