90 Days of Business Networking in London

90 Days of Business Networking in London

Business Networking in London: My 90 Day Experience


business networking LondonI had a long history and a big mailing list for my previous business, Do Your Own PR. Many of those people on my list were gained through business networking in London, especially in the early days. So, this March, I decided to conduct an experiment. I’m keen to find new people for my Mastermind groups and feel that my network needs a little tending. I decided to attend  as many networking opportunities as possible during those 90 days and report back and review each one.

Here’s what happened. (I will be updating this page as I attend more so please do check back…)

8th March Home House Turbo Networking

Price: £10 for non Home House members, £15 to attend and give a 60 second elevator pitch.

Home House is a beautiful venue set in Portman Square, London. A few of my clients are members here and I like the venue. However, I hated the name “Turbo Networking”! It reminded me of everything I hate about networking – high energy, working the room and machine-like pitches. Still, I decided to go along and pay for a pitch spot too.

The evening is quite dressy. I did wear my usual Scarlet Dress (on brand) but felt a little dressed down pairing it with boots. Heels and suits were the order of the day here so next time I will step my dress code up a little. The bar is interesting. You can pay more for one drink than the price of the evening. It’s worth perusing the bar menu if you’re trying to get a business off the ground and here on a budget.

Everyone appeared chatty and friendly and you could move easily between groups. I would say there were slightly more men than women. I met a mix of people including a couple of men who were going for the heavy sell (a new social media site and a wedding poet). Most people were there to chat and mix it up a little. The format is stand and mingle and it’s in a small room. This meant that after about an hour the noise level was so high I found it hard to hear what people were saying. But it did make for a good buzzy atmosphere.

The 60 second pitches were managed well and I had a few people come up and chat after. I did only stay two hours though as I found the format and noise draining.

Thoughts the day after: 6.5/10

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