Peek Into A Pop-Up Shop

Peek Into A Pop-Up Shop

Claudia Fallah Skincare’s Pop Up Shop In Shoreditch


paula-and-claudiaI recently visited skincare expert Claudia Fallah at her one week pop up shop in Redchurch Street, East and London and I asked her to share her Popup experience with the readers of Scarlet Thinking. Claudia has been one of my Experts for Media for over a year now and I have watched her journey from stressed entrepreneur wrestling with box manufacturers and designers, to launching one of the best skincare brands around right now, targeting problem skin. Claudia also used the Pop Up event to launch her range, which has now been nominated for some awards.

What made you decide to do a pop up shop for your skincare range?

Well as a business owner I don’t let opportunity drive past me. I was offered a pop up shop for 4 days in the very trendy Redchurch Street and I took this opportunity from a lovely architect called Checa Romero.

I knew it was going to be a lot of work, almost like doing an exhibition. Having a large space you need to make it your own and my skincare range is on the small scale, so less is most definitely more.

To fill a large space, I needed good design and organisation.


What were the challenges?

The first challenge was that we did not know the exact dates that we would get the pop up shop for.

We found out the dates just a week before, which made it difficult to organise the invites and invite beauty bloggers and journalists as well as all my dear clients and friends. The good thing was we were open for 4 days and there were no excuses not to turn up. It was available for a limited time only!


We were also supposed to get the keys for the shop on Monday morning and organised the whole day for moving all the necessary things to do the shop fitting and organised a van to move large items. But unfortunately we got the keys on Monday evening at 7pm instead.

This meant that we lost the van since we planned to return it in the evening. Therefore we had to start work late in the evening and had to use my Mini instead (can you imagine?!).

Of course we had to forget the large items we wanted to move since they would have not fitted into the car.

I had planned moving images with a projector to project my products onto the large wall and when we wanted to use it, it just broke down. That was frustrating!

Anyway, so I thought ‘let’s just move on and make everything else work perfectly’. Such as the amazing Mitchell and Tod loudspeakers, the same as they use on the radio one live session, which were kindly loaned to me by Stuart Mitchell himself!

When we opened on our first day I felt a bit upset that it was not the way I had planned it but suddenly my vintage Prosecco got delivered and at least I was able to offer my customers a nice glass of bubbly.

We also had issues with the card machine, which meant having a shop but not being able to sell anything! We could not get another replacement anywhere else since it was sold out everywhere.

What do you think you got out of it?

It's the little touches that make all the difference

It’s the little touches that make all the difference

We met of lots of interesting people who had not heard of my brand before, such as the interesting clothing designers Dean & Cristina from ‘18.01 London’. It was also great exposure and fantastic feedback on the packaging and products. I love hearing people’s skincare concerns and advising them on what they should be doing, being face to face with clients is always great. Our social media activity also went wild.

It was lovely to see all my clients and friends who had made an effort to visit me and I was touched by their support.

Is there anything you would do different next time?

Since this was not planned and it was a last minute opportunity it was a spur of the moment challenge, which we pulled off with great aplomb! Life and business is a learning curve and each time you grow and progress from your challenges. It was a great experience! And next time I will make sure that I will get the keys on time or have a spare pair already the day before so I won’t get stressed out and have to to do a shop fitting late at night 🙂

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