How to Get Your Blog Noticed

16 Dec How to Get Your Blog Noticed

How to Get Your Blog Noticed

Lolly Jones Investigates What Every New Blogger Wants to Know: how to get your blog noticed

It can be tough having your voice heard as a blogger. In an oversaturated market, how can a writer find their angle and stand out among so many established profiles? How do you get your blog noticed? Is it important to have a unique style? Does the number of followers have an impact on commissioned pieces? And what is the best way to network? I chatted to some of the leading industry experts in PR to see if they had any top tips for a blogger.


Jo Thomas – Account Director at KBC PR & Marketing

PR Jo Thomas on how to get your blog noticed by PR companiesThe good news is that our clients are hosting more and more bloggers as we are tangibly able to show them how influential blogs are.

We analyse blogs via their monthly unique visitor stats via a site called Traffic Estimate ( and by the site/blogger’s social media influence. When we look at social media we also pay attention to the conversations the blogger is having with their followers. And we look at Domain Authority, which is obviously built up over time.

The blog needs to be visually appealing, preferably with its own dedicated website URL. Also, short videos are very important, as well as inspirational imagery.

A clear specialism in travel is beneficial to being noticed as many blogs include topics such as fashion or food and the travel gets lost.
Finally, the personality of the blog and the tone of the writing needs to be fun and enjoyable to read, you want people to come back to the site.

Amy Skelding – Head of PR at the Brighter Group

PR Amy Skelding on how to get your blog noticed by PR companiesFeature interesting content that is well written and has a clear reason for being featured. It seems really obvious, but there is so much ‘what I did on my holiday’ type content out there. Travel blogs with genuinely interesting features that have been well thought through, are factually correct and aren’t littered with type-os, are few and far between.

Get in touch with PR agencies with a clear reason for being in touch – an email saying ‘I am after lots of press trips’ just won’t cut it. We need to know what your blog is all about, how many readers you have, where they are from and their demographic as we need to justify any thing we spend on behalf of our clients. We have to make sure that our recommendations represent a return on their investment.

Finally, go to events where travel PRs are. It is simple; there are lots of events where media and bloggers meet with PRs. TravMedia is a good place to start, there are others: Traverse, TBU and if you are keen to learn more about destinations, head to WTM in November.

Frank Marr – Marketing Director at A Marr & Associates Ltd, Marketing & Media Relations

Frank Marr on how to get your blog noticed by PR companiesMake sure your blog looks professional by having a nice layout, high quality writing and good grammar. Also, statistics are everything. If you want to get good trips, you have to be able to show that you will be able to expose the business to X number of hits and a large social media audience.

It is also important to develop a media pack and to think outside the box to increase traffic. But most of all, be fun!






Lauren Croft – Social Media and Digital Strategist at Mango PR

Lauren Croft on get your blog noticed by PR companies

As a blogger just starting out, it’s more important to focus on producing really good quality content rather than trying to be noticed – that will come with time and with the proof of your good work behind you.

Also, networking is a great way to build relationships with PRs and other bloggers. Go to events, chat to people, hand out your business cards and – possibly most importantly – follow up afterwards. Keep in touch with the people you meet, using social media and good old email, and most opportunities will come that way.

Lucy Campbell – Social Media Director at Hills Balfour

PR Lucy Campbell on how to get your blog noticed by PR companiesIt all depends on so many different things coming together – the age of the blog, the focus, the audience, the photos, the writing, the engagement, the other social platforms, the dedication, the number of posts and tweets per week, the amount of time spent responding on other people’s blogs, the offline presence and so on ….all highly relevant to the success of the blog.

Writers, who want to get their blog noticed, need a specific angle, depending on the niche of the blog. The appeal of bloggers in particular is their skill in storytelling, set free from the constraints of editors. The idea is that the review or specific angle is fresh and new.

Aline Keuroghlian – Communications Director at Mason Rose

PR Aline Keuroghlian on how to get your blog noticed by PR companiesAline’s advice on getting your blog noticed is to be a specialist in your field, develop a distinct personal style and create interesting original content. Get a good camera, take incredible pictures (or video) and perfect your composition. Share valuable information, and become a trusted expert.

Aim to get plenty of like-minded fans and followers as PR companies are interested in audiences, and how engaged they are. They will look at the amount of comments you get for each post.

Also, try to cover one or two social channels well rather than all of them weakly – Twitter and Instagram complement each other perfectly.



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