Handling Your Own PR Means Becoming a Leader

Handling Your Own PR Means Becoming a Leader

Handle Your Own PR and Become a Leader in Your Own Business

A guest post by Liz Copeland of www.lizcopeland.co.uk

Liz Copeland

Liz Copeland

Liz is an executive coach specialising on the subject of becoming a leader in your own life, and taking control if your brand image and where it’s going is the ultimate in small business leadership if you ask me. So, I asked Liz to put together her thoughts on stepping up to this role when you decide to handle your own PR.
If you want to do PR for yourself and your business then at some point you need to embrace the role of leadership and take responsibility. Here are some steps that will help you do this and put you in a good place from which to raise your profile and visibility.


Know what you stand for

Knowing what you stand for means that it will be much easier to write copy for your website, press releases and convey your message to the press.

Recognising what you are good at and where you can shine

The job of raising profile is always a matter of working to your strengths so play on these, whether that’s social media or writing copy. If you’re not sure what you are good at, ask other people for their opinion or check out your Linkedin testimonials to see what people say about you

Get help if things aren’t in your zone of excellence

Outsourcing the actions you are not good at means that you can spend your time enjoying what you do and do well, while someone else does what they do well. This could mean taking a leadership decision to hire someone to do your PR for you, or it could mean outsourcing particular jobs or activities as part of an overall strategy.

Surround yourself with people who are better than you

Something that good CEOs have the courage to do: build yourself a team of people who are not only as good as you, but, in fact, better than you! Reserve your energy and work on leading them.

Focus on your vision

Where are you going with your business? Where do you want to go with your PR? Don’t get led astray by ego PR (getting in the press just for the sake of it) and concentrate on the PR that will serve you by reaching your target market or building valuable links.

Enjoy hard work

Coach Michael Neill talks about how a part of happiness is the satisfaction of working and enjoying the results of your labours. You will have to put work into this. Accept that and learn to enjoy it.

Keep Reviewing

This is not a one-time process. You will need to keep reviewing things like what you stand for and your vision, not only to see if your actions are stacking up against them, but also to check that they haven’t changed. There is nothing wrong if they do (and they probably will) but you will need to adjust your actions and strategy accordingly.

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