Using Bloggers to Publicise a Travel Business

Using Bloggers to Publicise a Travel Business

Luís Campos of Porto tour company,,  talks about how he uses bloggers to publicise a travel business

Luis Campos Portgall

Luis Campos at

Many of you may know that I have an alter ego as a travel blogger and earlier this year I was invited by to Porto, as their guest with the intention that I would blog and post about Porto and the tours that Porto offer. Using bloggers to publicise your business is a recent phenomenon in the travel world, so I thought I would ask  Luís why he chose to promote his company this way, and what his experiences have been.

Luís, tell us about Portgall and what you do…

At PORTGALL we truly believe that the main purpose of a trip or an experience is always meeting with someone. This way we are engaged in turning this meeting a voyage filled with faces, all done with special proximity to the natives and their customs.

How do we do that? Providing for an International tourist, a wide range of experiences and activities, he can choose to do in a specific place (Porto and North of Portugal) and time. We design these experiences in a way that the tourist can easily pick them and freely interlock them, like pieces of a puzzle which you will do by yourself, building the trip as your own experience.

Different and amazing experiences, always in a specific context taking you to a deep contact with the Portuguese people that will allow an immersion in our history and culture (meant for small groups), made in a creative, rigorous and simple way. We provide not only Leisure Tourism experiences, but also for Corporate, Meetings and Incentive Travel.

What gave you the idea to concentrate on working with bloggers?

Nowadays, Bloggers are one credible source about the destinations they write/experience. Some studies show that a destination promoted by a blogger is much more likely to be chosen over another because, when someone read about a destination in the first person, it makes the experiences real. That is profound related to our experiential approach to this wonderful destiny.


Discovering Porto with Portgall

Discovering Porto with Portgall

How do you find your bloggers?

We search and look all the lists about the best travel blogger in 2014. We read them, and choose the ones somehow we thought were the ones that could be our clients, that had the target, themes, writing we were looking for.

Are there any particular things you look for in a blogger? (e.g. are you looking for people particularly active on Facebook or Instagram , or a certain age etc)?

We look for bloggers who actually travel a lot and use the social networks all the time. We need the buzz. But, off course, the target is important.

What sort of publicity have your bloggers provided so far?

Posts in their blogs, and Facebook. Besides that, twitter (during the experience and after), turn out to be a very surprising network.

Can you tell us what you have learnt so far. What works and what doesn’t work?

We learned that twitter was a very important place in the travel blogger “market”. Lots of travel bloggers are now following us. But, they are not our target. We have to wait and see. For us it is too soon to know.

What plans do you have for working with bloggers in the future?

We have to understand in terms of return, if it’s a good deal for us this kind of events. For now, we have a travel Brazilian blogger meeting in Porto in November. We are going to do some experiences with them (all of them live in Europe), and see how it goes.

You can find out more about Portgall at

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